Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas Day

Christmas Day went well. There was far too much food as usual and I've had to throw away lots of stuff that won't get eaten. For Boxing Day me and the kids went up to my parents house when the whole clan gathers every year. There was around 26 of us there this year.
I went to work on Monday and did really well but Tuesday turned out to be a damp squib. I blew it out completely tonight and am just pottering around at the moment. Just watched Phil "The Power" Taylor trounce Alex Roy at darts and it's inspired me to come up to the loft to throw a few arrows, but Phil Taylor I ain't!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Last few days

I've been busy or just couldn't be arsed to update the blog these last few weeks. The work has been plentiful and I've been here there and everywhere. Sunnighill, Camberly, Slough, Princes Risborough, Selsdon, you name it I've done it. The weird thing about doing all those jobs has been the lack of losers out there. I did expect to have been upset by someone at some point but they have all been really nice people.
Any way there's only a couple of days left to earn my Christmas money. I always leave it till the last knockings to buy the presents and the food. This year I'm having Mick, Jan, Dean, Dianne, Mitchell and Stacey over to Christmas dinner. Everyone making something so as to spread the work between us. In all honesty I'm probably the worlds biggest Humbug. I completely hate Christmas and the New Year and love it when January 2nd comes along to signal the end of all the bullshit. But for all you non-humbugs out there:Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2005.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Cheques cleared

Well now, the cheque has cleared so I can finally put that one to bed. I thought I was going to get knocked again last night as this guy seemed to be a bit of a headcase. He waited till we were almost at his destination before telling me he needed a cash point and we had to back-track a mile to the nearest one. Surprise surprise it wasn't working. He started cursing and screaming to himself and apologising profusely to me. We ended up driving past his front door and another mile further on (I was at Stoke Newington) when he finally found one, got his cash out, paid me off and gave me £4 tip and opted to walk back home. Strange man!!
No work today!!! I've just taken "Dude" for his final injection at the vets. I couldn't believe it when they only asked me for £1.68. I'd already paid for the three injections in advanced but the vet had to worm him and check him all over but then again they have had £150 from me for the two previous visits.
It's my oldest sisters 45th birthday today and we're going for a meal to some Chinese gaff in West London hence no work today.
It'll still be there for me tomorrow though.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

She's paid me

The payment from that lady passenger finally arrived today. The initial fare was £31.60 and she sent me a cheque for £40. All that remains now is to pay it in and hope it's not made of rubber!!
Went out at 9.45pm last night as I had stayed in to watch my beloved Leeds United make complete mugs of themselves and lose to the bottom team, Rotherham United. There's not really a whole lot more I can say on the subect other than "Sebastian Sainsbury, get your bloody finger out son".
I only did a couple of jobs as there wasn't a lot about. The best one was probably Nam Long in Old Brompton road to Victoria station and then on to Flodden Road in Camberwell for £25.
I have to change another headlight on my cab. I'm sure there's something wrong with the electrics as they only seem to last a couple of months at a time and they're about £5 a pop each time I have to replace one. I should also give it a wash as it's absolutely minging. I'll see how I feel later on.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

We're PC'd up

There are now four computers in my house. Mine, my two sons' and my daughters'. Up until today we had all been taking turns to share our Broadband Internet connection, which often caused arguments. So much so that one of my sons took out his own subscription to a dial up service. I went up to Tottenham Court Rd today and bought a Sitecom wireless router which came with a USB wireless network adapter, and two extra ones. Total cost: £150. I think it's the best money I've ever spent. The computer nearest to the router connects by wire and the other three recieve the signal via the adapters and hey presto!! Everyones happy.
Still no cheque from that lady who never paid me. I've since sent her yet another email and she's replied by saying she'd only just been paid and she's going to send the cheque out to me. Personally, I think it's all complete and utter bollocks and I've a good mind to stroll into her place of work and show her up in front of all her collegues.
I seem to be getting a lot of jobs out to the docklands which is great because I love going out there. When I did "The Knowledge" to become a cabby, the docklands were hardly developed at all. In 15 years they have changed dramatically and I have to learn everything as I go along.
I went out at 10pm tonight as I had a longer nap than usual. Back in at 2am with a decent nights takings. I was on my way home when 2 men flagged me down. They were both eating kebabs which normally prompts me to drive straight past them, but, as I needed the money, I stopped. They were only going from Chiswick High Rd to just off the North Circular Rd at Ealing Common. They paid me ok and walked away. When I looked round there was the whole contents of one of the kebabs on the floor, and not in the pitta bread. Dirty bastards!! I swept it all out onto the road but it stinks now and I may well have to shampoo the carpet tomorrow. Why do I keep putting myself through all this shite.....I must be a masochist.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Where's my money?

I had to send this lady an email last night when I got in from work.
"Dear Sarah
I don't know if you remember me or not but I picked you up in my cab in Baker street last night and drove you out to Osterly Park View Rd W7.
The fare was £31.60 and you never had any money on you so you gave me your business card and told me to come to your place of work today to collect the money. I explained to you that I am a night driver and do not go anywhere near that part of town till well after 8pm in the evenings but you started crying and were worried that your partner was going to beat you up. I was worried for you but you told me it would be ok. I was just wondering if you were ok and is there any way you could send me a cheque or something?
Hope to hear from you. Best Wishes. C. My Mobile Number is 078........
This is the sort of thing that happens from time to time. It's not often for that much and more often than not I don't chase it up but £31 is a fair bit. I wouldn't mind but I only went out after the dismal England game at 10.30pm and every penny was needed. Still, I may hear from her otherwise i'll have to go to Farringdon to get it in person.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Went to Coventry

Now then, what's been happening?
I took a day trip up to Coventry last Saturday as my son and his cousins wanted to go and see a wrestling event up there. While they were in there me and my daughter went to see a film with Buffy in it. It was so crap that I can't even remember the name but it took place in Japan and these " Scary " faces kept popping up frightening the life out of all the punters. There was more excitement in the cinema with lot's of people being thrown out for making noises and different groups of girls shouting across the cinema at one another.
Work is picking up now on the run up to Christmas.
I had yet another "Puker" last week. I picked up 2 Oriental type men from Victoria. One of them was rat-arsed drunk. They asked to be taken to Croydon and then onto Sutton. I'm not too familiar with Croydon and the guy who was drunk was no help so I had the A to Z on my lap as I tried to find his road. I was driving over tram lines and expected to be pulled up by the police at any moment. I finally found his road and his wife was waiting on the doorstep. Her and the other guy pulled the drunk one out and carried him indoors. I took the opportunity to get out and look in the back as I'd been hearing some funny noises on the way down. The floor was full of what looked like egg fried rice and as they hadn't been eating anything it must have come out of his mouth. As the Sutton guy returned I exagerated a little and started holding my head and saying how this was going to mess my nights work up. He told me not to worry as he would pay for it. He climbed in over the sick and sat down on some more of it. When we got to his house the meter read £56. He said "and how much extra for the cleaning of the vehicle?" , "That's £40 mate" says me. "Forty pounds!!!" he exclaimed. I got out and showed him the tarriff and he couldn't really argue with that so he rounded it up to £100 in total and asked for a receipt. I still had to get it all cleaned up so I drove all the way home to North West London from Sutton and as it turned out I had it all spic and span in about fifteen minutes but that was the end of my nights work. There'll probably be a few more spewings to report once the Christmas parties start in a couple of weeks so watch this space.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Loft finished

The loft is now finished and my son has installed himself in there. I can now get back to working properly. I went out last night for about 3 hours but spent the bulk of that time sitting on ranks only to get a small job just round the corner. The TV Awards were on in Kensington and I picked up three very drunk people and took them to Victoria Station. After they walked into the station I looked round to see if they'd left anything (you're supposed to do it before they've gone) and saw to my amazement that they'd left all their rubbish for me to clear up. 2 bottles half-filled with Coke, some crisp wrappers and the brochure from the show all slung on the back seat and the floor. There are some dirty slobs about!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


For the last four days I have been decorating the loft to make it a bedroom for my son. You don't realise how much work is involved until you start but I am now halfway through my fifth 10 litre pot of brilliant white vinyl silk emulsion and I've used five tubes of painters mate as well. I've finished the painting and now have to add some fixtures and fittings and a carpet but I must say it looks pukka.
I was last out working on Monday. The evening started off really well as I found a tenner on the floor in the petrol station. I did a job out to Billericay in Essex later on that night and got £83 for that. One day last week I picked this guy up from Canary Wharfe and took him to South Kensington. He was well drunk and nodded off almost immediately. When we got there it took him about five minutes to realise he was in a cab and then he got out and walked off without paying, the fare was £30. I jumped out and called after him and he started arguing that it had been an account ride. I assured him it hadn't but he took a bit of convincing. Eventually he searched his pockets for money to find he had none on him. The long and short of it was that we had to go to a cash point and it cost him another four quid for the pleasure.
I've been decorating all day and am really tired but I still need to go to work. It's now 9.35pm. It's not fair!!!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Introducing the Dude

I bought a Jack Russell terrier puppy last week for the family and have spent the whole week trying to house train it. He is a quick learner and already does his business outside but he has to be let out regularly otherwise he will do it in the house. He was named Dude by his previous owners so we're going to keep the name.
Me and my two sons gave the loft a coat of paint today. It's going to be my sons bedroom if we ever get it done. It still needs a couple more coats and a carpet befor he can move in there.
Work was really quiet tonight. I did some major time on all the main ranks tonight but only managed to pull in half of what I normally do. generally Sundays are the best days I don't know if it had anything to do with that anti-war rally in town

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Goodbye Yaya

My grandmother died today. She was 94. She suffered a stroke on the 4th of October and had been in hospital ever since. She was a very strong lady and was rarely ill throughout her long life. She'd been living with my parents for the last few years and we all saw her very regularly. She was a very philosophical person and would always share her life's experiences with you and give you good advice, she will be greatly missed. She will be buried in Sueca Cemetary in Valencia, Spain, along with the rest of her family, as soon as her body can be flown over.
Goodbye Yaya, Rest in peace.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

All work and no play...

Not much to report just work work and more work.
I've actually blown it out tonight as my brother came round and we pulled out all my old cassettes and and had a major nostalgia session. I've been without an oven for the last six months and I bought and installed one today. We celebrated with a roast pork dinner with all the trimmings and I've just used it again to make these American biscuits from a mix my daughter brought back with her from the States. I made 12 and me and my daughter have just caned them off with out sharing them with her brothers who are actually, as we speak, tucking into a Pizza.
The last few days have seen it reasonably busy out there. I've started doing more account work now and have actually found it more enjoyable than street work. No nutters to report, maybe tomorrow.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Still here

To all, I am fine.
I've been in Spain and returned relatively relaxed.
Haven't been to work yet but will be going this evening as I have lots to make up for.
Did another nearside headlight change yesterday. 5 minutes this time!! I think I'm getting better.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is in full swing at the moment and I'm just waiting for it to die down for tonight before I go out. I was out in it yesterday and was really busy for the duration of the evening but the later it got the lairier the punters. The last lot were picked up in the west end and wanted Bonchurch Road in Ladboke Grove. They were all high on poppers and by the time I was half way there I had been offered poppers, charlie and a drink of Dom Perignon Champagne all of which I gracefully declined. Then they wanted the radio on full blast and could I put 90.20 FM on. I duly obliged and the cab was rocking from side to side as they danced to the beat. As we approached the Carnival area the roads had been re-opened and I was able to drive through although there were still loads of people in the middle of the roads obviously well drunk or worse. What will it be like at this moment I wonder?
I had a nice job on Saturday night. The trains were out at Paddington and there were queues of people trying to get everywhere. I picked up a lady who wanted to go out to Henley on Thames. She wanted a price and I told her £90 to which she tried to haggle me down to £70 but I was having none of it so she agreed to pay in the end.
Oh well I think I've put it off for long enough. Notting Hill here I come.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Bulb Change Fiasco

I've been doing a lot of walking and a lot of sleeping this last week but not too much on the work front. All sorts of other things going on in my world. Kids will be back next week and maybe I can get back into my routine.
Went out last night and started promisingly enough. Then I noticed my off-side headlight had gone. If you read back a few months you'll know I had trouble changing the bulb on the near side. Well on the off-side theres this great big air filter casing positioned directly over the headlight unit and it had to be removed first. After fumbling about for about 15 minutes it finally came away...but in two pieces!!
The bulb change was slighlty easier than the near-side but then it took me a while to get the air filter back on. Once it was back on I tested the lights (I know....I should have done it first) only to find that the side light bulb had decided to go as well. Off it all comes again but I'm getting better at it now and after a totall time of about an hour to change two poxy bulbs I was able to go back to work.
I did about another 3 jobs then ended up on Tower Bridge where I was flagged down by a drunk Welsh guy who was in the dog house with his missus for not having been home for the last four days and had to get to Fulham liveley and would I also posibly know where he could buy booze after 11pm (It was about 11.45pm) because it could quite probably save his life. I know a couple of places and luckily the first place I tried in Vauxhall sold him the drink. Then he gets a call from the wife saying she had 6 guests at the house and could he bring in some food. He opted for kebabs and wanted me to stop off at the first available shop at which point I told him about the famous Kebab Kid on the New Kings Road. It's a bit of a Fulham institution is Kebab Kid but he'd never heard of it as he'd just moved into the area. 8 kebab and chips later and £50 lighter he emerged from there with a frown on his face. I had warned him that they were more expensive than others but they are the best around. "50 bloody quid mate!!" he say's getting into the cab" I says jokingly (but serioulsy too)"yeh and I hope you've got some money left for me" as the meter fast approached £40. A couple of turns later we pulled up outside his house and I got the customary drunk persons hand shake and telling me what a sound bloke I was (I've known that for years by the way) and I'm thinking "never mind all this bollocks mate where's my wedge?" He handed over £45 and disappeared into the house carrying the booze and the food to face the wrath of his angry wife. I wished him the best of British luck and drove off into the night..

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Flamsbury Park?

Welcome readers.
Another typical Saturday night out there. I started pretty late today as I was really tired for some reason. Some nice jobs tonight. Kensington to Angel, Kings Cross to Putney Bridge, Fulham to the West End. From Oxford Street I stopped for a guy who stuck his whole head and shoulders in the cab window. I thought he was going to grab my money bag or something like that. He started muttering something like "Flamsbury Park". I said "Do you mean Finsbury Park?" and he nodded then muttered some more (I hate mutterers!!) about a hotel. So, double checking I said "What do you mean one of those hotels on Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park?" to which he muttered yet again something resembling an acknowledgment. Of I goes heading for Camden Town and then turn into Camden Road and guess what? He starts muttering again. I think I was ready for a row by now so I pulled over and said "do what mate?" to which he replied "I think I'm being ripped off here". I said that no one was ripping him off and where the hell did he want me to take him. He started muttering some more and then his phone rang and he started muttering into that. During all the mutterings I established that he wanted the Bloomsbury Park Hotel on Southampton Row. Bloomsbury - Flamsbury; sound sort of similar don't they? Any way to cut a long story short and to save myself a load of grief that this guy probably would have given me I turned the meter off at £10 and took him back into town to his hotel at a loss of about another tenner. The moral of this story is make sure if your passenger is a mutterer you get the correct address out of him.
By 2am I'd had enough and was looking for a fare home when this lovely trio of people flagged me down in Old Brompton Road and asked to be taken to Notting Hill Gate, Royal Oak Tube and finally to West End Lane in West Hampstead. A nice job to take me home and a crisp £20 note as well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Pissing Down

Where the hell is all this rain coming from? I was over Blackheath tonight and it was absolutely lashing it down with loads of lightning thrown in for good measure. I actually hate being out when there's lightning as I have this morbid fear of being struck by it, well somebody has to kop it from time to time so why shouldn't it be me?
Work was really slow and I was just contemplating going home when I got flagged down outside Bar Cuba in Kensington High Street. Four people or a four-hander as us cabbies say to Gipsy Hill, Sydenham, Honour Oak and finally to Blackheath. That is one mother of a journey and I had to drag out all of my South London Knowledge from somewhere deep within to complete the run. (We haven't all got navigators Deano!!!) I'm telling porkies, the final bloke had to direct me from Honour Oak to Blackheath and fair play to him he knew some back streets I'd never driven down in 14 years of cab driving. All in all a nice job and £60 was handed over at the end, very nice.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Jean Gushue

It is with much sadness that I have to report the death of Robert and Dianne's mum, Jean, who died yesterday Sunday 15th August after a long illness. She was a great lady who I met many times and worked together with her on the spread for Dean and Dianne's wedding a few years ago. She will be greatly missed by all her family and anyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. God Bless her.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

I need a rest

I've been working sporadically this last week. A half day here a day off there. I've decided to take a week off in September to go to my parents place in Spain as I need to re-charge my batteries so these next few weeks will see me grafting a bit harder to leave everything in order at home. It all starts today but only after the Chelsea match is over as it's always a nighhtmare around Stamford Bridge for a few hours after each game. I went to the pictures last night with my brother to see The Bourne Supremacy and thought it was a much better film than the first if only a little more manic.
I've been doing a virtual walk to Edinburgh with my brother and we've both bought pedometers that measure our steps and convert them into miles. I've only managed about three miles in the last few days so am only, on paper, just outside Cricklewood approaching Staples Corner....only 405 miles to go!!
I've just noticed that the hit counter has reverted back to normal.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Caught Offguard

So much for my "Loser Spotting Skills".
I got flagged down in Notting Hill by a guy who was obviously out of his tree on some drug or other. He asked to be taken to South East London and told me he'd "look after me". Whenever anybody says that you know it'll mean the exact opposite. He waived a couple of his mates over. I think they'd been expecting me to refuse to take them. My instinct was telling me to drive off but I had pulled into a lay by and couldn't pull away without running the guy over. From the second they got in I got "How much you gonna charge us mate?" and "Do us a deal we're south Londoners" and similar requests. I told them it would be about £30 to Crofton Park which for those of you not in the know is between Peckham and Forest Hill, not my 2 favourite places in London. It was quite obvious that they wern't used to paying Black Cab prices and soon they were whispering to eachother which told me they were plotting to do a runner when we got there (Any of my readers ever done a runner from a cab??).
To cut a long story short, I don't like feeling uneasy in my office (cab) and just came out and told them I wasn't taking them all the way and that I would drop them at the best railway station for them to catch a train. They tried to argue but I was having none of it and as I dropped them at Blackfriars Station I could see two City of London Police officers standing near the station entrance so they paid up the £15 and skulked off. You have to go with your instinct in this job and in future I'll lock the doors and drive off as I normally do. Apart from that one the rest of the jobs were ok.
I recently bought Fleetwood Mac's latest album "Say You Will" and have been playing it to death in the cab. There's some great songs on there and after a few years experimenting with different line-ups the original band members minus Christine McVie have re-formed. Listen to Illume by Stevie Nicks which is a beautiful tribute to all those who died on 9/11.
Best job of the night was from Notting Hill Gate to Hendon £22.
I haven't done any shopping this week as the kids are away so I stopped off at KFC on the Harrow Road for a Fillet Tower Burger before I went home. Yummy Yummy!!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Peace and quiet

Pretty quiet round here without two of my kids, who are in the States on holiday. It's nice to get the TV remote and watch what I want for a change. Ain't it hot? I hate the sun and love it when September comes around and things start cooling down.
Did any of you get caught out in the storms last week? It took me three hours to get home from Harrow and the worst part was when we only moved 500 yards in an hour and a half!!
Worked yesterday and today and there's still plenty of people out there who'd rather grab a cab than walk in this heat. It's generally all shorter jobs at the moment. I can't remember when I last did something with a bit of distance in it.
Nothing exciting to report mainly because my "Loser Spotting Skills" are back to their best after being caught out a few times in the last few months, what with the spewers and suchlike.
The counter at the bottom of this page seems to be going mental and shows me as receiving thousands of hits. If you refresh the page it seems to jump hundreds at a time, pity it's not linked to advertising where they pay you out on the amount of hits the page gets.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Spur of the moment

I've done sweet FA the last few days. My son has started his first job ever and my other two kids will be away on Thursday to visit their Mum in the USA for the whole of August, it'll be great to get some peace and quiet round here not to mention a serious, and I mean serious, reduction in the weekly foodbill.
I just went out to get some electric from the garage down the road and ended up on a number 6 bus into the west end. I walked through Trafalgar Square, Chinatown and then Soho and ended up in Oxford Street where I jumped on a 98 bus back home. I have been known to do crazy things like that from time to time. My daughter is cringing as I write this, she thinks I'm a right muppet, she may well be right.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


The barbie went well. It's always nice to get together with the rest of the family, it doesn't happen enough these days.
So after two days off it's back to the grindstone. I started well early on Monday and was doing great until it suddenly died a death around midnight. Nothing exciting to report just an average night taking people home hither and thither.
I've a bit of running around to do today. My daughter is over at her cousin's house and I have a nephew staying here and we have to swap back today which means a run over to Palmers green. I'm also supposed to do a trial run to Alperton with my son who starts work on monday and needs to know how to time his journey. We may well do that one tomorrow.
The cab seems to be running really well after my recent spate of problems, I'm just watching the offf-side tyre for any signs of wear.
Well that's all for now, maybe something exciting will happen at work to write about but I'd rather it didn't if you know what I mean.
Oh by the way Dean, did that thing work and did you get a charger?

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Don't involve me

It's been a few days since I last posted. Fairly busy out there in general when I can be arsed to go out. Had a nice job out to Bishops Stortford the other night £101.20 on a Credit Card. Then I had some mad pissed Aussie bird in the cab on Friday. She was with a couple of mates and they were going to Turnmills in Farringdon. She kept trying to involve me in her drunken ramblings but that is one thing I can't stand, how would they like it if I turned up at their workplace rat-arsed? Any way she kept seat hopping between the two jump seats and the main seat and on one of her exchanges I turned a hard left and she swung from one side of the cab to the other cracking her head on something...I could only hear the noise. That fucking shut her up!! Well it didn't really as she was crying the rest of the way but at least she left me alone.
Well, I'm off to a barbie at my parents house. I hope it doesn't rain.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Fed up

I've had the last two days off as I'm basically pissed off with everything at the moment. Who ever said life was easy though?
One good thing is I've caught up on my sleep and am raring to go!! Not.
I'm going out to work now at 7.30 on a Sunday morning to try and make up for the past few days. This is something I haven't done for ages but Sunday is always a good day for work morning or evening. I may update this post tonight with news of my day. Then again I might not. A bi hello, I mean a big hello, to new reader Tim "Big Boy" Carmichael out there in sunny Harrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Cab trouble

I think the summer kipper has kicked in early as these last few nights the work seems to have ended early.
I've also had more trouble with the cab recently with meter problems and electrics problems.
My RAC membership ran out in June so I have to sign up with them again or try the AA. I was impressed with the RAC guy that came out to me on Monday. He really knew his stuff and had me mobile again in under half an hour.
Average night at work. Stopped at the Piccolo in Gresham street for a latte and magdalena, very nice it was too. It seemed to die a death all of a sudden and when all seemed lost last night a couple of suits saved the night with a pleasant run from town out to Pinner and Stanmore. They took me a really moody route but I just let them get on with it and the total came to £52.
I've been doing a bit of clearing out of cupboards and you should see the amount of crap that has accumulated over the last few years. Theres about six bin bags worth ready to chuck out mostly clothes and paper work and the odd dud printer.
I'm off to make Micky-Rooney-Bollock-Knees-Up for me and the kids' dinner. Thats Macaroni Bolognese to you.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Stingey Gambler

Well now, what's been happening?
These last few weeks have been spent grafting my arse off to pay bills and get some airfare money together to send my daughter to the States to see her mother. If you knuckle down in this job you can do well and be pretty comfortable. I've settled into a routine of starting work around 8pm and working through until 2 or 3am. Not too many hours but enough to earn what I need. The recent spell of bad weather has been a great help. You wouldn't think it was half way through July with the storms we've been having.
I picked up a guy last night who'd won a few grand in the Victoria Casino in Edgware Rd and I took him out to a new development in Brentford. He was a bit of a bull shitter but I just humoured him and when we got there he pulled out this big wad of fifty pound notes, peeled one off and stood there waiting for the change, tight cxxx!!!

Monday, June 28, 2004

England woe

One day England might just make it to a final. Enough said about that.
Has anyone seen the Krispy Kream Calender that's doing the rounds at the moment (Dianne!!) Some mighty fine ladies on there. Mighty, being the operative word.
It's been really busy all week what with the football, the concerts in the park and the rain over the last few days. I'm finally beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the backlog of bills and stuff that has accumulated over the last couple of weeks.
I've just got in after a pretty good night and got collared by my two boys and their cousin to bring in kebabs and chips at 2.30 in the morning!! They're all up watching a WWE special event on Sky TV, I pity our neighbours with all the noise, although they never say a word.
One blip in a n otherwise good nights work was when I was flagged down by a guy in Liverpool Street and asked to go to Charlton. On any night that is a nice ride, straight through the Blackwall tunnel and through Bugsbys Way, a doddle. Tonight though, the tunnel was shut and you only found out once you got to the turn off. The only alternative is to back track to the Rotherhithe tunnel. I did this, and so did everyone else so it took ages to get through. The guy in the back didn't look as if he had a pot to piss in so I thought to make it easier on everyone i'll fix the price at £25. He was more than pleased. I was well out of pocket but it's all swings and roundabouts out there and I'm sure i'll make it up with a "find" if you know what I mean. He gave me £30 in the end so it wasn't all bad. That's all for now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Text sex

4-2 to England. What more can be said.
Yet another busy night out there. Plenty of happy England fans all wanting to talk about the game. By about the third or fourth punter you find yourself repeating what you said to the others and even regurgitating what was said to you, but it definitely helps when the tips are being handed out.
One sour point tonite was a row I had with a bloke who was too busy having text sex with a married woman (his words) to look up and notice we were at least a mile past where he wanted to be. He tried to say it was my job to tell him, I disagreed and we ended up having a slagging match through the mirror and in the end he bottled out and agreed it was his fault, then he started telling me all about the woman we had dropped off 10 minutes earlier. I couldn't have given less of a fuck and then he started talking about the football and by the time we got to where he lived he was shaking my hand and handing over an extra fiver as a tip. There are some strange people out there make no mistake.
No grub stop tonight as I had shitloads to earn and still am a few bob short of my target. Nathan if you're reading this you're a c***. Robin, if he's forwarded this site to you how's the crack?
I'm off to my bed. Goodnight campers.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Busy Bee

Are you all sitting comfortably with your cups of coffee? (Dean and Di) Then I'll begin.
London was absolutely mental last night. I went out after the Spain Portugal game at 10pm and never stopped until 3.30am this morning. There was a Simon and Garfunkel concert on in Hyde Park and there were people crying out for cabs absolutely everywhere. It's a pity it couldn't be like that everyday.
I was driving along Buckingham Palace Rd with a fare to Clapham when I notice a queue of about 100 people at one of the bus stops along there. By the time I came back from Clapham and passed the same bus stop the people were still there and a couple of likely lads flagged me down. I'm talking pure estate kids here. One of them goes to me "ere bruv, how much to Slough?" I says "not me mate I'm going home" then they start pleading with me saying I could hold their phones and a thick gold chain one of them had on as they just wanted to get home after a holiday to Spain. So I agreed a price of £60 and off I went. 30 minutes later I pulled up outside an address in Slough and one of them gets out to get the money off his mum. No one was answering his calls and it all became a bit suspicious but eventually a bleary eyed lady came to the door and gave them the money which he gave to me. I then returned all their posessions to them and drove off wondering how to get out of the maze they had led me into. Now some people call me a c*** for carrying it by I don't care. My compass has got me out of more bother than anything else so after driving around for ten minutes without getting anywhere I thought it was time to get the beauty out. It's only a key ring compass but as long as I know where I am in relation to the North Pole I can use it to head for home. After about 10 minutes I found myself on a road heading towards the M4, the compass had done it again. I did a few more jobs in town bringing my total for the night to a bottle thirty (work that one out Deano) and now i'm off to my pit with the sky nearly blue.
By the way, my brothers missus had a baby girl called Sarah weighing in at a massive 10lb 2oz. We tend to produce massive babies in our family. 2 of my kids came into the world at 10lb plus.
Just a point off Croatia will see England through to the quarter finals, it's going to be a mad game tonight. Night all.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Come on England!!!

I knew we'd beat the Swiss. I'd predicted five goals but i'll take three. Just a point needed from the Croatia game and we're in the quarter finals. Come on England!!!
I'm really starting to hate Friday nights. People turn into complete arseholes at the weekend. If they're not spewing up, they're arguing or trying to show off at my expense. I'm seriously thinking of going out in the daytime although it's harder work of a different sort. I only managed half of what I normally take on a Friday because I just got the hump and went home. Saturdays are just as bad and I probably won't go out at all as I have three or four things to do tomorrow such as running my daughter hither and thither to buy clothes, take her to a party and then collect her later on and finally I have to collect my parents from the airport as they've been in Spain this last week. To add to all that I'm waiting for a call from my brother at any moment as his wife is about to give birth to their second child and he wants me up there for moral support. I often wonder what would happen if I didn't drive. Everyone would be fucked!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Full English

2 Eggs 2 Sausage 2 Bacon and Beans 2 slices and a cup of tea. That's what I just had in a cafe for my breakfast/lunch. Nathan had a jacket spud but the spud was rotten and he was too much of a pussy to complain, still, what did he care, I was paying.
Last night was my best night for a while. I managed "a bottle". I had to throw someone out of the cab as I was in no mood for bullshit. This lady got in in Kings Road and asked to be taken to Islington. She was having a row with someone on her mobile phone. She started snapping at me and I told her if she liked, she could take another cab. She kept on shouting so I pulled over in Sloane Square and told her she should definitely take another cab. She started screaming down the phone "look, you see what you've done now?", "I'm getting thrown out of the cab". Then she exploded with " I fucking hate men" and finally to me she said " D'you know what you are?" "What's that luv?" says me. "A fucking cunt" she replied slamming my door as hard as she could. Imagine taking that all the way to Islington!!
Well, only 3 hours to go for Englands game against Switzerland. Good luck boys!!

Monday, June 14, 2004

Too Too Hot

Ain't it hot out there?
I just went up the road to pay some bills and if it hadn't been for Mr Chilly I would have roasted alive in the traffic.
Robbed!! That's what I think of what happened in the England France game. We out-played them and defended brilliantly when they got near us and it all went pear-shaped by a lack of concentration. I think the Swiss and the Croatians will suffer because of it.
I went straight out to work after the final whistle and there wasn't a cab to be seen anywhere for the first hour. I took £50 in the first hour and finished up with a tidy little sum by 2.30am. Best job went £30 from the Nags Head to Lewisham Way, a great big Russian lady screaming into her telephone. From what I could gather, her suicidal friend in Oxford had finally slit her wrists after splitting with the boyfriend, and the Oxford Police were refusing to go round there (no mention of an ambulance for the poor cow) and the Russian was sick of being dragged into it etc etc. My opinion was asked for to which I replied what a mess the whole thing was and finally we arrived at Lewisham Way and I was able to put my radio on and escape into the ether again.
Oh I almost forgot. Friday night I had a "puker". The first one in this cab. I'm entitled to get a £40 cleaning fee off the passenger but they only had £20. I say passenger but I should say women. Why is it always women that get sick in cabs? If any of you are reading this and you go for a night out and are rat-arsed drunk and feel the need to vomit, then do the right thing and ask the cabby to pull over before you ruin his night and possibly his life!! Any way, I drove home and cleaned it all up with pine disinfectant and by Saturday morning the smell was practically gone. I went out early on Saturday so that by midnight I had all the money i needed. "One last job" says me. A nice young couple waiting by the bus stop outside Great Portland Street underground station flagged me down and asked to be taken to Warwick Avenue. Off I go thinking "that'll do me, I'll be home in 15 minutes". Just as we're passing Westminster Council House the guy say's "Could you pull over for a minute?" As I look round she's cupping her mouth and there's sick leaking from her fingers onto my recently cleaned upholstery. I couldn't help myself but I just exploded with "I don't fucking believe this, 2 in 24 hours!!" The guy could only apologise and offered to clean it up for me but I thought I'd do a better job of it myself. As it turned out it wasn't too bad and it cleaned up nicely but I'm just starting to wonder if the cab is jinxed. I've had more grief with this cab in one year than in all the other cabs put together over 13 years. It really is all in a day's work.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Sore arse

I feel like I've been shafted with the rough end of a pineapple!!
I'm refering to the amount of money I was charged by my garage for getting my cab through it's annual overhaul. £606 plus another hundred for the rental cab I had for the last three days. I must admit though that you get what you pay for and that happens to be a top garage and they did a really nice job. I started going there last year when I bought the cab and they have maintained it for me ever since.
I thought it would be busy tonight but as 2am approached I had taken less money than the last three nights. There seemed to be quite a few people out and about but at the end of the day it's all down to luck. Best job of the night was Victoria Station to Highbury Hill to drop off 2 and then onto Muswell fare was £32.
Just popped in to Tesco's in Sutherland Avenue to get my daughters packed lunch and treated myself to some cooked chicken legs, a packet of crabsticks and a dairy cream slice. On the way out I gave the resident beggar a £1 coin much to his surprise as he never asked me for it. I have my moments...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Deano Rules

The cab is now fixed thanks to Dean. The bumper and side panel cost me £270 and Dean sprayed the front panel saving me bundles...cheers Dean that's another one I owe you.
No sooner had the cab been put right when I hit a parked car smashing my nearside door mirror. That cost £18 just to replace the glass. Then I discovered a nail in one of the front tyres and had to go to Jettyres in Willesden to get that sorted (£12).The cab is now in a garage for it's first annual overhaul and I have been given a R reg TX1 so that I can work in the meantime. I should get mine back on thursday all being well.
Now that I need to earn vast amounts there seems to be a lull in the work around town. I've had to force myself to persevere these last two nights when normally I would have gone home. The best I have managed is a couple of £30 rides. I'm really pissed off at the moment and find myself snapping at the kids. I just want this week out of the way and I should be fine.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Muchas Gracias

First of all thanks to Dean and Dianne for all their sterling work at my place yesterday and there's a night out for a ruby murray in the not too distant future (that means after my overhaul) for them and Dean's mum and dad, Mick and Jan too.
Now, what's been happening????
My son Danny has been learning to drive and I've been letting him drive the cab for short distances with no problems so far.....until Saturday night. He drove back home, with me in the back and put it on the drive a bit skewiff so I told him to correct it. What does he do? Accidentally whacks his foot down on the throttle and drives it into the front of the house, demolishing the poor gas meter and it's little house and cracking all the rendering and God knows what other damage to the property. Then theres my poor cab. Not even a year old and it's seen more action than the British Army in Iraq. This time the bumper took most of the impact and theres a bit of damage on the front panel but I rang up JV BRight's today, which is a Taxi Parts Dealer and they said about £300 should cover the bit's I need so I'll be doing some serious shifts to get all the money together these next few days.
After all the plastering work done here yesterday theres crap everywhere so I'm off to do a bit of cleaning. ta ra!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

What time is it?

Well it's been a while hasn't it.
I'm actually running out of things to say so rather than discontinue this site i'll just use it as a place to vent my spleen every so often and if there's any news on the taxi front to report i'll do it.
The last few days have seen my body clock whiz round 12 hours and when I should be out working I start to nod off at the wheel and have to come home and jump straight into bed, not good for the bank balance!!
I've had a full 12 hours sleep now and hopefully I can go to work after Millwall beat Manchester United in the FA Cup Final 2-0 as I have some bills begging to be paid on Monday morning.
I'm getting all sorts of renewal letters in the post for things to do with my cab. Insurance £1600, meter £140, road tax £ might be easier to top myself.
I popped out yesterday to pay a few bills and ended up taking a fare to Enfield rather than turn down £50...every little helps.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Nice job

If you're reading this Michelle.....Hi!!!!
As I told Michelle in my email I got a nice job out to Chafford Hundred this evening. Where's that I hear you asking? My sentiments exactly until I found out it was in Essex next to the Lakeside Shopping Centre. £73.40 is what it went on the meter and the best ride I've had for pun intended hehe!!
There was a do at the Grosvenor House Hotel on park Lane also and that provided us cabbies with plenty of work into the wee small hours.
I was so busy that I never got a chance to stop for any dinner so by the time I hit Tesco's to get my daughters packed lunch I almost bought the whole shop, well it seemed that way.
My brother was at my house when I got in and we watched the old Roger Daltrey film McVicar which has spawned many a catchphrase in our family over the years.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

On top of things

Well I've broke the back of my bills for this month. It's great to get the latest cab payment out of the way. A decent night was tonight. A couple of nice rides and a load of smaller ones. I accept credit cards and took a job from Canary Wharfe to Crystal Palace. I swiped the passengers card on the way and my terminal decided to seize up. There is no contingency for this kind of event so I decided to trust him and let him walk away while I sorted out the problem. (I kept his card details). I had to reset the machine and enter his details manually and eventually the job was accepted and I got my £31. I have to forward the printed receipt on to him by post.
I stopped off at Victoria and visited the Starbucks there and decided to try a Mocca Frappucino for the first time. I also got myself a tall latte just in case but the frappucino was really nice albeit a little cold on my teeth.
Once my teeth had got back to normal I put my cab on the rank there at Victoria Station and picked up a fare out to Woldingham Station in Surrey. It was a first for me and I hadn't even heard of it but a quick glance at the Master Atlas of Greater London told me exactly where to go. That was the nights best job at £50.
It is my son's 19th birthday today. On his 18th I said I would pay whatever it took for him to pass his driving test and he's still trying a year on, so I guess it saves me thinking of what to get him.

Monday, May 10, 2004

£146 lighter

Well I'm a £146 lighter today as I just had to go and book my Taxi in to be examined in June. Only tax, insurance, meter and the garage fees to go I should be well brassic come the end of the month.
Just been driving around town, the traffic is bollocks and the heat is stifling, thank god for aircon.
Had a decent night last night. Only one nutter to report. Picked her and her mate up at the Dorchester side door, pissed as newts. Essex Girl gobs on them, effin and blindin and slagging off everyone from the government to their boyfriends. One got out at Tower Hill and the otherone went on to Bow Quarter in east London. She ended up falling asleep in the foetal position and I had to scream at her to get her to wake up and even then it took her a good few minutes to realise she was on planet Earth. She paid up OK in the end and it turned out to be the best job of the night...£25.
I'll be out there again tonight looking for "a bottle", work that one out.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Mundane existence

Back again. I haven't been arsed lately as it's a pretty mundane existence that I lead. It's all bills bills bills, work work work and practically no play. I did actually play a game of darts this week in a league that I'm in and our team beat the Truscott Arms team 7-5 with me playing a small part. The guvnor of that pub is a mad Geordie called Dave and he was doing his nut as Newcastle United had just been knocked out of the Uefa Cup by Marseille.
I did a bit tonight but came over all "ill" and decided to call it a night early. Just had a nice hot bath and am off to my pit for a kip. I'm listening to Dido's latest album Life for Rent and it's pretty soothing. Ain't the news mad at the moment? Everyone seems to be going into one about the mistreatment of the Iraqis, but it's alright for them to do it to everyone else isn't it.
Oh well.......nighty night.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Our House

Took my daughter and her cousin to the cinema at Staples Corner to see "Our House" with Ben Stiller and Drew barrymore. Pretty funny with a good ending. 3 medium popcorns a couple of small cokes and a bag of smallgeezers...£16. What a flipping rip off. They'd probably sell a lot more if they lowered their prices.
Dropped my neice off at her home in South London and spent a couple of hours their configuring my sister-in-laws computer to drag and drop files onto the CD writer icon so that she could make a few MP3 cd's to play in her car.
I thought it would be busy tonight with the return to work tomorrow but it was pretty thin on the ground.
Best job tonight was Paddington Station to Leytonstone High Road....£31 Legal (no tip)!!!! I love the drive home from North East London. A406 North Circular all the way with the music blaring....fantastic.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Leeds Relegated

I have to start on a sad note. My football team, Leeds United, today lost their battle to stay in the Premiership. I watched it on TV and at the end most of the players and the supporters were in tears. I can't believe how we went from playing in a Champions League Semi-final to relegation in just a few years. I can only hope we'll jump straight back up next season but a rich investor has to be found before that can happen.
Back to work. Extremely busy the last 2 nights. I was here there and everywhere tonight. Hounslow, Isle of Dogs, Ealing, Wood green and many more. As tomorrow (or later on today) is a bank Holiday in the UK people were taking advantage of not having to work the next day. Best job went £40 that was the one to Hounslow.
At the end of this month my cab goes for it's first annual overhaul and all the other things needed to make the cab workable become due also so it's safe to say i'll be living in the cab over the coming weeks.
Does any one know how I add a comment button to this page?

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Happy Birthday Di

First of all if you're reading this Dianne, Happy Birthday!!
The last couple of days have been messed up to say the least. It all started on Thursday when I went to change the headlight bulb on my TXII taxi and found it was a really awkward job. During all the fumblings of me and my son the bulb actually fell into the headlight unit and we had to go and borrow one of those magnetic telescopic thingys from someone to retrieve the bulb. By the time we'd fixed the retaining clip to the bulb it was too late to go out and I had to seek solace in a pot of Pralines and cream Haagen Daz ice cream. I went out to work on Friday morning to make up for Thursday and managed to take a respectable amount. All smallish jobs during the day but plenty of them. Best one probably went about £15. Went to my local carboot fair earlier and spent about £20 on a keyboard for my Dad's computer, a Hitachi CD walkman that does'nt work and a few tools. I should be out tonight as usual and have a few things to say tomorrow.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Syrian

Well yesterday was my day off. You need one every so often to stay sane.
Tonight (wednesday) started off slow. I picked up a guy at Victoria station and he couldn't speak a word of English. He had a sim card on him and wanted to put it in my phone to get an address off it. I thought he wanted to run off with my phone (the fact that he had 2 cases never swayed my thoughts). The chip never worked in my phone so in the end he used my phone to ring someone. He handed me the phone and another poor Enghlish speaker gave me an address in Southall, West London. Once on the way my passenger was eager to practice his English on me and amongst other things I established that he was from Syria and had gotten out of that country as the situation there is deteriorating by the day. He kept saying "Syria, very bad" over and over. Then he asks me if he can use my phone again and I agreed, thinking I'll be reimbursed at the end of the trip. He dialed four or fiver numbers and spoke to each of them for a good while. When we arrived at his destination the meter clicked over to £40. I thought to myself "it's got to be at least £50 he's gonna give me". He promptly produced 2 crisp £20 notes and disappeared into the house leaving me despairing about the cheek of some people. That turned out to be the best ride of the night but there were one or two other decent rides.
On my nightly visit to Tesco to get my daughters packed lunch there was a guy pleading with the shop asisstant to be let off a few pennies as he was short but the asisstant was having none of it. Cue my good deed for the day. I often help out people less fortunate than me as it makes me feel good about myself.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Murder down the Kings Road

A typical Monday night out there on the mean streets of London, hard work!!
Part of Kings Road was sealed off after a 20 year old guy was shot dead after he got in to an argument with 2 younger guys, resulting in the traffic being lead up a dead end by the police and everyone having to turn around in a very confined space. I picked up a couple from Bam Bou in Percy Street and took them to Queens Park. All the way there they were arguing and she was calling him the biggest wanker she'd ever known etc. and he was taking it pretty well considering it was giving me the hump. Stopped at Marylebone Station for a coffee and brownie then pulled off the rank after it never moved one space for 20 minutes. Got rid of an old £20 note after i'd inadvertently accepted it from someone else, always a great feeling. Got chatted up by an old Irish bag lady in the BP garage in Clipstone Street but gracefully declined her advances. No decent jobs tonight. Best one was probably about £23 from Paddington to Avenue Road in Highgate, N6.
Popped into Tesco's at Sutherland Avenue to get my daughter's packed lunch for school and treated myself to a ham and cheese sandwich to which I added some cheese and onion crisps...luverleeee!!!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Who still uses DOS

It's 3am on Monday morning and I have just got in. Nearly never went out at all as I'd been up my dads all day (he's 73) trying to show him how to use Word 2000. He still works at his age and uses a Word Perfect program in DOS but nobody else does so he's been told he has to use Word. I bought him a book from PC World and spent a few hours sittting with him explaining stuff but he was none the wiser when I left him. The saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" springs to mind.
Working on Sundays you tend to just hit the nearest mainline stations. Paddington is the best as the Heathrow Express brings a constant stream of passengers in to town until 11 or 12 at night. Victoria, Euston, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street and Waterloo are also extremely busy on a Sunday night. No nutcases out tonight just people wanting to get home after the weekend. Best job of the night: Victoria Station to Gants Hill. £37.20 Legal. Best tip £5 from a Gooner...I wonder why???

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Another decent night

Another decent night after a bad start. Couldn't get into the rythmn of it until I'd stopped for a cuppa with my cabby mate Chris. Had a latte and a plaited donut type thing, very nice indeed. Then got down to the business of earning money. Kensington to Wapping, Tower Bridge to Hammersmith, Fulham to the West End, decent folks, losers, drunk kids. Saturdays are always this varied. Highlight of the night:Job goes £18, guy gives me a twenty and a ten (possibly a mistake?) and says keep the change!! "Thank you very much" says me and speed off incase he realises. Well I do have kids to feed. Best job of the night: Southwark to Ashford in Middlesex on a radio account. £57.80. Takings for the night...........I don't think you need to know that but lets just say pretty good.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Gay Week

All in all it's been a pretty "gay" week.
I've been told I was a good looking guy by an gay american passenger, then I had this gay Irish guy in the back trying to convert me telling me I'd love it and then tonight I had to endure these four gay guys openly comparing notes on who'd given who a blow job and who'd swallowed etc. Not really my cup of tea but as long as they don't shove it up my "Khyber" then they can say what they like. Best job of the night: Central London to Egham in Surrey. £67.60 Legal (that means no tip) Still a nice job to finish up.

Friday, April 23, 2004

How it works

I work most evenings unless there's something to have a night off for and I cover most of Greater london with the occasional "roader" into the Home Counties. I'll pick up anyone and everyone as long as they look like they can afford it. How can I tell? Just a look or a gut instinct is usually enough but occasionally one slips through the net and the night is ruined.

1st post

Hi all.
I drive a cab around London and thought you may (or may not) be interested to read what sort of things go on in and out of the cab. Watch this space...