Saturday, May 01, 2004

Happy Birthday Di

First of all if you're reading this Dianne, Happy Birthday!!
The last couple of days have been messed up to say the least. It all started on Thursday when I went to change the headlight bulb on my TXII taxi and found it was a really awkward job. During all the fumblings of me and my son the bulb actually fell into the headlight unit and we had to go and borrow one of those magnetic telescopic thingys from someone to retrieve the bulb. By the time we'd fixed the retaining clip to the bulb it was too late to go out and I had to seek solace in a pot of Pralines and cream Haagen Daz ice cream. I went out to work on Friday morning to make up for Thursday and managed to take a respectable amount. All smallish jobs during the day but plenty of them. Best one probably went about £15. Went to my local carboot fair earlier and spent about £20 on a keyboard for my Dad's computer, a Hitachi CD walkman that does'nt work and a few tools. I should be out tonight as usual and have a few things to say tomorrow.