Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mothers Day

I don't know whether to delete this blog as I really can't be bothered most of the time. We'll see if I can get into it over the coming days and weeks.
On Sunday just gone it was Mothers Day and we all surprised my Mum and Dad. They thought they were going for a quiet meal with my sister and we all showed up at the Travellers rest Beefeater in Kenton, North West London, all 20 of us! We had a nice 3 course meal and a bit of a laugh for around a score a piece and Mum was chuffed to bits. She even shed a tear at the verses on the card I bought her and I'd only just grabbed it off the shelf in Sainsbury's.
The cab has been behaving itself and only needed a new battery in the last 2 months and that cost me nothing as the warranty covered it. But the annual overhaul is fast approaching so a grand will have to be found to pay for that.
I've been working away as usual trying to put a bit of daylight between me and my bills and debts and slowly but surely I think I'm winning.
I had a nice run out to Windsor the other night but I had to endure a Walter Mitty type character talking a load of bollocks. I just humoured him and was rewarded with £100 including £16 tip.
I blew out tonight as my sleep was disrupted during the day. I've spent all evening clearing out my bedroom of serious amounts of crap that has accumulated over the last year and a bit and my brother came earlier to collect a lot of stuff he had stored here.
I'm going through a U2 period at the moment. I've always liked some of their music but recently have decided to get right into them by "acquiring" all of their music and reading up on them and I'm finding it really engrossing and time consuming and have discovered some pukka songs that I've been playing and playing.
It's getting warmer here now. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing as I have been really busy at night with the cold weather.
Right I'm off to bed.