Friday, May 27, 2005

Dad Progressing

My Dad is doing really well since we brought him back from Spain last week. He's now ready to start physiotherapy. He hasn't used his legs since April the 1st but can already stand on them and march on the spot. Barring any major catastrophe he could be home much sooner than we ever though possible.
Knowing my dad is back and in good hands has given me an incentive to work harder. My annual overhaul is due on June the 8th so I have to earn bundles by then. I've been out every night for the last couple of weeks. I've had a couple of nice jobs out to the sticks recently. One out to a place called Bean in Kent, just passed Dartford (£60) and last night I had a nice ride out to South Ockenden in Essex and that went £63 but the lady gave me £75.
I'm just having a rest after all the days trekking to the hospital etc before I go out tonight.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Emergency Landing

Since my last post I have been and returned from Spain to see my Dad who remained in hospital in a precarious condition to say the least.
It was whilst I was over there that I convinced my Mum it would be better for everybody if we got him back over to England by air ambulance. After much persuading she finally agreed and it was with a great relief to all of us when he arrived back today with Mum to a hospital very near where they live. The journey was supposed to be straight forward but it developed into a major drama and the next bit I write has not been beefed up at all and any of my family will verify it.
The plan was for the medics to collect him from his hospital in southern Spain in an ambulance and take him to Alicante Airport where a fully kitted out Lear jet/ air ambulance freshly arrived from Belgium would fly him direct to RAF Northolt. The flight was uneventful and Mum said he received the best treatment and care possible. On the approach to Northolt the undercarriage was lowered but the indicator light failed to illuminate in the pilots cockpit. They tried three times to land but each time the light wouldn't go on. It was decided by the RAF personel to take no risks and they were then diverted to Stanstead airport where they are more geared up for emergencies. My Mum had to assume the brace position and all my Dad's tubes and drips were disconnected which resulted in him momentarily struggling to breathe and turn blue. The plane landed amidst a full emergency scenario with ambulances and fire tenders standing by. The landing gear held and a disaster was averted much to the relief of my Mum and Dad and all of us dotted around London who were being kept up to date by the guy co-ordinating the effort. Dad was transferred to another ambulance and they were escorted part of the way by Essex police. Once on the motorway the ambulance switched his blue's and two's on and got Dad to the hospital in Harrow in quick time. I was waiting there with one of my sisters and we were extra pleased to see both of them safe and well. Dad has now been settled-in in ITU and is very comfortable and now hopefully he can begin his long road to recovery.
I was quite worn out after the days drama so decided not to bother going to work. There's always tomorrow.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dad a real fighter

Dad has had to be sedated again as he is really struggling with the pneumonia he contracted last week. From being well on the road to recovery he is now in serious trouble again. My Mum is still making the daily 30 mile round trip each morning but it's too tiring for her to do it twice a day so she doesn't go to the evening visit.
I booked my overhaul and PCO inspection on Wednesday and the cab goes in on June the 6th and will be presented and hopefully passed on the 8th.
Work has been OK and there's plenty out there but you have to have your mind on it otherwise it's hard to concentrate for more than a couple of hours. Best job of the night was from the Business Design Centre in Islington to just off the Wandsworth Bridge Rd.....£27.
Popped in to Tesco to get the kids some delights as it was Friday night. I had to settle for a sandwich as I really have to watch my sugar intake now with my diabetes apparently getting worse.