Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Murder down the Kings Road

A typical Monday night out there on the mean streets of London, hard work!!
Part of Kings Road was sealed off after a 20 year old guy was shot dead after he got in to an argument with 2 younger guys, resulting in the traffic being lead up a dead end by the police and everyone having to turn around in a very confined space. I picked up a couple from Bam Bou in Percy Street and took them to Queens Park. All the way there they were arguing and she was calling him the biggest wanker she'd ever known etc. and he was taking it pretty well considering it was giving me the hump. Stopped at Marylebone Station for a coffee and brownie then pulled off the rank after it never moved one space for 20 minutes. Got rid of an old £20 note after i'd inadvertently accepted it from someone else, always a great feeling. Got chatted up by an old Irish bag lady in the BP garage in Clipstone Street but gracefully declined her advances. No decent jobs tonight. Best one was probably about £23 from Paddington to Avenue Road in Highgate, N6.
Popped into Tesco's at Sutherland Avenue to get my daughter's packed lunch for school and treated myself to a ham and cheese sandwich to which I added some cheese and onion crisps...luverleeee!!!