Sunday, July 10, 2005

7-7 Bombings

Well I won't say I never expected it but not on such a big scale. Since the bombings last Thursday (7-7-05) I've been glued to the TV to see all the recovery work and to hear how the investigation is coming along. Each day a new bit of info is added to the puzzle and I don't think it will be too long before someone is caught for this. When you hear peoples stories and see that they're just normal people going about their everyday business you can't help but feel sorry for them and their families. And to think that 24 hours earlier London was celebrating winning the 2012 Olympics.
My daughter refuses to go to school by bus anymore and I can't say I blame her so I guess I'll have to take her from now on unless this is definitely sorted and someone is caught.
My eldest son and my daughter are now in San Diego, USA with their mother for the next five weeks so it's just me, my second son and our potty Jack Russell, Dude here till they return.
The day of the bombs was really busy workwise as people had no other option but to catch a cab home. These last two nights have been really quiet, well Friday more then Saturday and there's no prizes for guessing the topic of conversation amongst most people.
I'm trying to do as much work as possible on ComCab as it's better quality work and much safer. The average job goes about £20+.
There's lots of road closures around town at the moment. Some due to the bombs and some due to the VE Day celebrations so it's quite awkward to get around smoothly. In spite of all these things this is still the greatest city in the world in my humble opinion and I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Well Wishing

Good wishes go out to my mother-in-law Jan who is recovering in hospital after a serious operation, let's hope she's home really soon.
My dad's still getting better but I had to take him to Moorfields Eye Hospital last saturday as his left eye started giving him grief and the doctor said it was his iris that was stuck to another part of the eye, a common problem in someone who's run down after a long illness. They gave him some drops and it's nearly back to normal.
Two of my kids go to the States to see their mother again this week so it should be nice and quiet for a month without them around, not to mention 66% easier to keep the house clean and 66% less food to buy, also less washing, less electricity consumption, less shower gel the list is endless. If we could have our time over who the hell would want to have kids? Not me, it's just a total drain on my life!!
I've been fitted for ComCab now and I have done a few jobs on it. The first day (last Tuesday) I did a credit card ride out to Hatfield Peverel a few miles past Chelmsford and my luck has been in ever since as I have also done cash rides to Maidstone onto Sittingbourne (£140) and just this evening I took a squaddie back to his barracks in Aldershot via an old brass in Victoria, 45 Vincent Street in case you're interested. (£105, the journey, not the brass!! She was £60....according to the squaddie). He was telling me how he was on leave after a tour of duty in Iraq and that he was due to return there at 7am this morning, poor sod. After a nice ride out in to the sticks I like to put the radio on to pick up the local stations but my electric ariel is stuck on down so there hasn't been any of that this week, I must get it sorted soon.