Friday, January 28, 2005

Four Seasons?

It's out there if you want it. That's one of my motto's about this job. Trouble is I can be too lazy for my own good at times. I am always chasing money and putting myself under pressure.
I'm sort of drifting towards day work at the moment. The secret is to get out of the front door and drive away. I picked this guy up yesterday in the Maida Vale area and he wanted to go to an address in Acton. He was on his phone the whole time and I got the impression he was a "Somebody". That's what I call passengers who may well be celebrities but I just don't know who or can't put a name to. He was one of these Italian/American singer types and from all the references he was making, I thought he may have been one of the Four Seasons, Franki Valli's band or similar. Any way I went home later and surfed the net but I'm still none the wiser today. But to go back to day work, I did ok in the four hours I was out, probably better than in the evening. I found I was busier rather than having to do time on the taxi ranks. So, I am off out now and I'll let you know how I get on.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Poor Little Doggy

Poor Dude (My dog). It turns out his leg was fractured and they had to remove the ball from the top of the bone. Apparently they can get about just as well without it and there’s the added thing that they’ll never get arthritis in it. He spent a couple of days at the vets and was also neutered to add insult to injury and all that set me back a cool £1200. Thank God for Pet Plan Insurance. I’ve only made one payment so far and they’re already having to cough up so much, I bet they love me!
Work is gradually getting back to normal after the Christmas and New Year.
I got a letter just before Christmas from the City of London Police informing me that I had been caught by cameras doing 38mph in a 20mph zone on Tower Bridge. They even included 3 photos of my number plate, the cab entering the zone and one that clearly shows me at the wheel. Well it was news to me that there was a 20mph limit on the bridge so I guess you live and learn.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


I guess I should start this blog with the Tsunami in The Indian Ocean.Unbelievable, is really all I can say. So much destruction and loss of life. So many children just washed away. Whole villages and communities gone forever. All I can say is if there is One, He sure does work in mysterious ways. Fair play to everyone who's contributed to the various appeals and raised so much money to help these people.
In the taxi trade the New Year if often reffered to as "The Kipper Season", probably because in the old days people had to economise due to the lack of work and feed their families with kippers. It generally doesn't affect me but I have to say that these last few days have been desperate and I may well hit Sainsbury's today for a few packs of the smelly fish for me and the kids!
I have to take my dog to the vet later as he's hurt his leg and is limping really badly. I need that like a hole in the head at the moment.