Thursday, March 03, 2005


So much grief over a poxy blog. Right then, for all those of you who need to know what’s been happening in my world the last month, here goes. (Right Dianne???)
January was absolute crap. So much so that I fell behind with just about every bill I have. The red letters and the bank charges are pouring in by the cart load and I’ve seriously thought about taking a swan dive off of Waterloo Bridge or better still driving the cab with me in it off off Beachy Head. Being too much of a coward I decided it would be better all round if I worked my way out of the hole I’ve got myself in. Luckily February was a half decent month and my head is just about above water as we speak.
I've had a couple of punctures in the last month and repaired one and used the spare for the other. God knows what would have happened if I'd have got another flat out in the sticks somewhere but I got the spare fixed yesterday so I'm all legal again now.
I’ve decided to start working properly on the radio circuit I pay good money every month for and I’m now actually enjoying myself by not having to drive around looking for the work, instead it comes to me. I try and do three or four longish jobs on it per night and make the rest up with street work.I was sitting on Victoria cab rank earlier and I was in second spot. Two obviously very drunk looking guys walked up to the front cab and started telling him where they want to go. One of the blokes reached out for the door handle and started to open the door. Next thing, the cab roars away making the guy jump back startled. I thought to myself “What a wanker, I’m gonna get his job now and any flak that they feel like giving out”. They came over to me and one of them looked ready to chin me. They wanted the Queen’s Hotel in Crystal Palace. Although it’s south of the river it’s still a nice job and I accepted the fare then unlocked the doors. The guy who had looked ready for a fight went straight to sleep and I ended up having a really philosophical conversation with the other bloke who turned out to be Dutch and a thoroughly decent chap. You just can never tell!!