Saturday, May 08, 2004

Mundane existence

Back again. I haven't been arsed lately as it's a pretty mundane existence that I lead. It's all bills bills bills, work work work and practically no play. I did actually play a game of darts this week in a league that I'm in and our team beat the Truscott Arms team 7-5 with me playing a small part. The guvnor of that pub is a mad Geordie called Dave and he was doing his nut as Newcastle United had just been knocked out of the Uefa Cup by Marseille.
I did a bit tonight but came over all "ill" and decided to call it a night early. Just had a nice hot bath and am off to my pit for a kip. I'm listening to Dido's latest album Life for Rent and it's pretty soothing. Ain't the news mad at the moment? Everyone seems to be going into one about the mistreatment of the Iraqis, but it's alright for them to do it to everyone else isn't it.
Oh well.......nighty night.