Thursday, October 03, 2013

Don't Ask And You Won't Be Offended

Hi folks
Well, Dads send off couldn't have gone any better and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I wrote the eulogy in the same style as I did the tribute on here, but felt I wouldn't be able to read it out so several of my neices and nephews took turns to read it.

We had the wake in a private room of the Beefeater in Kenton and there were over a hundred friends and family present. Me and Jane got absolutely wasted ( not planned ) , Dad would've approved ;)

The following day, nursing sore heads, we set off for Corfu in Greece. The island itself was very pretty and most people spoke English but the resort was a bit sub-standard and we really never enjoyed it at all.

The day after our return I took the 31 bus up to my garage to collect my cab. All the problems I mentioned in the last post had been, amazingly, fixed. New radiator, new differential on the axle, warning lights that kept coming on now stay off and a central locking issue has also been corrected. So that should keep me happy for a wee while.

I had to collect my mum and brother from Luton Airport yesterday and the journey back in was extremely juddery. The mechanic at my garage told me the shock absorbers have had it and they won't be getting changed until the overhal in December so I guess my passengers are in for a bumpy few months.

While I was there he changed a wheel which was bald on the inside and also did the tracking which should help the tyres last a bit longer. They also changed the ads for the umpteenth time so I'm now advertising The Aldo fashion brand.

A month on from that minor collision I reported in my last post and in true " litigious society" style it has now escalated out of all proportion. I had hoped that by not mentioning it it would go away but that was naive of me given the fact that it was mostly my fault. I had exchanged details with the driver concerned and he seemed totally ok after what was a non event of a collision but low and behold he's magicked up witnesses out of thin air and is also claiming he was injured. My guvnor has hit the roof because it's going to push up his premiums and he's also saying I'm going to be liable to pay a £300 excess of which hell will freeze over before I pay it so all of a sudden things have become strained at my garage where I've been a driver on and off for about fifteen years.

In all honesty its been time to move on for about a year so pending the outcome of the insurance claim my time there may well be up.

Todays shift was extremely pleasant and effortless. The first hundred came in about three hours ( not a regular occurence I can assure you) then as I was heading for the South Kensington taxi rank a guy hailed me opposite Christies auction rooms. He asked how much it would be to Heathrow Terminal 5 and could I get there in 30 minutes to which I replied "yes" and it would be about £60. He produced a fat wad of cash, peeled off £70 and told me to wait there. I put the meter on and waited about five minutes before a couple got in and asked for Paddington, a £10 ride from where I was. It was tempting but my inherent honesty kicked in and I informed them that the fare had been paid all the way to Terminal 5 which surprised them. Halfway there the guy asked me how much I'd been given: "enough" was my reply. I learned a long time ago never to discuss money with people who wern't paying the fare because if the fare goes less than what the payer has given they try and get the change off you. The guy never asked anymore questions and after depositing them safely at Terminal 5 I headed back to London with a £12 tip...sweet as a nut!!

I need another couple of good days to sort out a ton of bills that are about to descend on me over the next few days.

Oh while I remember, last Saturday I spent a pleasant day out with Jane and her son Jason and his partner. It was Jasons 29th birthday and he came in to London from Chelmsford to do some sightseeing and shopping. By the time we met up with them they had already visited the London Eye and taken a boat trip from Westminster Pier to Greenwich and back.
There is an old trunk of an oak tree which has over the last hundred years had elves, animals and lots of other curiosities carved and painted into it. It's called the Elfin Oak and it is a Grade II listed structure which resides in the cafe area outside the Princess Diana Playground in Kensington Gardens. I had wanted to see it for some time and was able to convince everyone it was worth a look. No one seemed impressed when we located it but I was glad to have " pointed it" so at least if I ever get asked about it by my passengers I can give them an honest answer.
From there we went to Whiteley's where we couldn't agree on a film to watch at the Odeon. We tried the bowling alley next door but it was fully booked for the next few hours so I drove us all in the cab to Covent Garden where we spent an hour browsing all the shops. Zizzi's on the Strand was where we ended up for a nice supper and fantastic value at £25 per head for 3 courses and 2 drinks each. From there I dropped the boys back at Liverpool Street Station for their return journey to Chelmsford while me and Jane went home and went straight to bed.

I'm getting too old for all this traipsing around.

Take care.

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