Sunday, April 25, 2004

Another decent night

Another decent night after a bad start. Couldn't get into the rythmn of it until I'd stopped for a cuppa with my cabby mate Chris. Had a latte and a plaited donut type thing, very nice indeed. Then got down to the business of earning money. Kensington to Wapping, Tower Bridge to Hammersmith, Fulham to the West End, decent folks, losers, drunk kids. Saturdays are always this varied. Highlight of the night:Job goes £18, guy gives me a twenty and a ten (possibly a mistake?) and says keep the change!! "Thank you very much" says me and speed off incase he realises. Well I do have kids to feed. Best job of the night: Southwark to Ashford in Middlesex on a radio account. £57.80. Takings for the night...........I don't think you need to know that but lets just say pretty good.