Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Our House

Took my daughter and her cousin to the cinema at Staples Corner to see "Our House" with Ben Stiller and Drew barrymore. Pretty funny with a good ending. 3 medium popcorns a couple of small cokes and a bag of smallgeezers...£16. What a flipping rip off. They'd probably sell a lot more if they lowered their prices.
Dropped my neice off at her home in South London and spent a couple of hours their configuring my sister-in-laws computer to drag and drop files onto the CD writer icon so that she could make a few MP3 cd's to play in her car.
I thought it would be busy tonight with the return to work tomorrow but it was pretty thin on the ground.
Best job tonight was Paddington Station to Leytonstone High Road....£31 Legal (no tip)!!!! I love the drive home from North East London. A406 North Circular all the way with the music blaring....fantastic.