Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bah Humbug

Don't you just hate Christmas and the New Year? It's all complete hype and a waste of money if you ask me. Now that everything is getting back to normal I can concentrate on the important things like getting my life back on track.
My Dad has had yet another operation on his eye to re-attatch his retina. He spent two nights in Moorfields Hospital and we'll know soon enough if the op was a success.
My son has started work in Tesco's on the "Jack & Jill". Well, it's a job innit? He only does saturdays at the moment but will become full time as and when a position becomes available.
My cab is literally falling apart. The non-existent suspension is shaking it to pieces. One of the tyres has 2 nails in it and has to be pumped up every other day. The brakes are grinding and the wipers are wiping fresh air. Why don't I take it for it's 63k service (the mileage at the moment is 64k plus) and get it all sorted I hear you ask? Coz I'm brassic as per usual. Who said cabbies were rolling in it? Did they mean rolling in debt? Probably.
Any way it's not all grim. Work is steadily picking up and I have worked 15 straight days without a night off. Another couple of weeks like that and I'll be well on the way to sortedness.
If you took Paddington and Victoria Stations away from me I'd be knackered. That's where I am most evenings ranking up for a job. Victoria attracts all the dregs of society and I'm constantly waving away beggars and thieves trying to sell there loot to the cabbies. Mind you, I got tempted yesterday and got talked into buying two Monty Python Box sets for £25 fresh from some nearby shop or other. (I probably shouldn't say it on here as it may get referred to Special Branch by some jobsworth or other! Oh Well, I've said it now) Lets hope it keeps busy. Be Lucky out there.