Monday, May 03, 2004

Leeds Relegated

I have to start on a sad note. My football team, Leeds United, today lost their battle to stay in the Premiership. I watched it on TV and at the end most of the players and the supporters were in tears. I can't believe how we went from playing in a Champions League Semi-final to relegation in just a few years. I can only hope we'll jump straight back up next season but a rich investor has to be found before that can happen.
Back to work. Extremely busy the last 2 nights. I was here there and everywhere tonight. Hounslow, Isle of Dogs, Ealing, Wood green and many more. As tomorrow (or later on today) is a bank Holiday in the UK people were taking advantage of not having to work the next day. Best job went £40 that was the one to Hounslow.
At the end of this month my cab goes for it's first annual overhaul and all the other things needed to make the cab workable become due also so it's safe to say i'll be living in the cab over the coming weeks.
Does any one know how I add a comment button to this page?