Monday, May 10, 2004

£146 lighter

Well I'm a £146 lighter today as I just had to go and book my Taxi in to be examined in June. Only tax, insurance, meter and the garage fees to go I should be well brassic come the end of the month.
Just been driving around town, the traffic is bollocks and the heat is stifling, thank god for aircon.
Had a decent night last night. Only one nutter to report. Picked her and her mate up at the Dorchester side door, pissed as newts. Essex Girl gobs on them, effin and blindin and slagging off everyone from the government to their boyfriends. One got out at Tower Hill and the otherone went on to Bow Quarter in east London. She ended up falling asleep in the foetal position and I had to scream at her to get her to wake up and even then it took her a good few minutes to realise she was on planet Earth. She paid up OK in the end and it turned out to be the best job of the night...£25.
I'll be out there again tonight looking for "a bottle", work that one out.

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