Monday, September 05, 2005

Getting ready for the rush

The school holidays are finally over. My kids are back from the States and my daughter goes back to school in a few hours. The work from now till Christmas will be really busy and now is the time to get ahead of yourself. I had a moment of clarity whilst I was out working tonight and realised it's time to stop messing about and start working harder. Ever since I got my Green Badge I've never really made the most of it. I should be sitting pretty now with cash in the bank and a bright future ahead for me and the kids. Instead I scrimp and scrape, piss and moan and generally feel sorry for myself whilst everything collapses around me. My eldest son needs the fees for a course he wants to do and I can't even help him, that really makes me feel worthless. So I've made a decision to put that right starting right now and hopefully it will bear fruit over the coming weeks.
I have been working constantly since my last post and have had all sorts of types in the back of the cab. I did something tonight that I've never done and that is to broom a job because it was shit. Basically, it was lashing down with rain and this bloke and his bird wanted me to drive them round the corner. I had just waited half an hour on Victoria Station rank and I blew my top and told him to fuck off and walk and that he was a lazy git etc. He wasn't too impressed and I don't think I enhanced the reputation of the "Friendly London Cabby" too much either but it was all part of the transition I was going through tonight and out of it emerged the newer, better and stronger me!!