Thursday, October 27, 2016

Here And There & There And Here!

Hi Folks
I came back to cabbing at the beginning of August and lasted till last week.

I had been doing my trucking work up in Ipswich quite enjoyably until I had a bit of a mishap with the truck doors (details can be found on the latest post of my trucking blog
Ever since that fateful day I received no more assignments from my agency. As the bank balance shrunk I panicked and came straight back to rent another cab.
The first few weeks were pretty good considering it was August but then it just became a hard slog as it has always been in the last few years. I was also having to find money for the weekly rental and the daily fuel. Also being back in the family home meant buying shopping daily, I don't do weekly big shops, so all in all I wasn't coming out on top money wise.
I do enjoy cabbing and it has given me a good living for the last 26 years but other circumstances have come in to play i.e. marriage and re-settlement so back I have gone to Suffolk.
I have already secured work for the next few weeks delivering plumbing supplies all over the East of England but my aim is to find a permanent job.
So, keep checking both blogs to see what scrapes I am still getting myself in to.
Take Care out there.