Saturday, May 22, 2004

What time is it?

Well it's been a while hasn't it.
I'm actually running out of things to say so rather than discontinue this site i'll just use it as a place to vent my spleen every so often and if there's any news on the taxi front to report i'll do it.
The last few days have seen my body clock whiz round 12 hours and when I should be out working I start to nod off at the wheel and have to come home and jump straight into bed, not good for the bank balance!!
I've had a full 12 hours sleep now and hopefully I can go to work after Millwall beat Manchester United in the FA Cup Final 2-0 as I have some bills begging to be paid on Monday morning.
I'm getting all sorts of renewal letters in the post for things to do with my cab. Insurance £1600, meter £140, road tax £ might be easier to top myself.
I popped out yesterday to pay a few bills and ended up taking a fare to Enfield rather than turn down £50...every little helps.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Nice job

If you're reading this Michelle.....Hi!!!!
As I told Michelle in my email I got a nice job out to Chafford Hundred this evening. Where's that I hear you asking? My sentiments exactly until I found out it was in Essex next to the Lakeside Shopping Centre. £73.40 is what it went on the meter and the best ride I've had for pun intended hehe!!
There was a do at the Grosvenor House Hotel on park Lane also and that provided us cabbies with plenty of work into the wee small hours.
I was so busy that I never got a chance to stop for any dinner so by the time I hit Tesco's to get my daughters packed lunch I almost bought the whole shop, well it seemed that way.
My brother was at my house when I got in and we watched the old Roger Daltrey film McVicar which has spawned many a catchphrase in our family over the years.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

On top of things

Well I've broke the back of my bills for this month. It's great to get the latest cab payment out of the way. A decent night was tonight. A couple of nice rides and a load of smaller ones. I accept credit cards and took a job from Canary Wharfe to Crystal Palace. I swiped the passengers card on the way and my terminal decided to seize up. There is no contingency for this kind of event so I decided to trust him and let him walk away while I sorted out the problem. (I kept his card details). I had to reset the machine and enter his details manually and eventually the job was accepted and I got my £31. I have to forward the printed receipt on to him by post.
I stopped off at Victoria and visited the Starbucks there and decided to try a Mocca Frappucino for the first time. I also got myself a tall latte just in case but the frappucino was really nice albeit a little cold on my teeth.
Once my teeth had got back to normal I put my cab on the rank there at Victoria Station and picked up a fare out to Woldingham Station in Surrey. It was a first for me and I hadn't even heard of it but a quick glance at the Master Atlas of Greater London told me exactly where to go. That was the nights best job at £50.
It is my son's 19th birthday today. On his 18th I said I would pay whatever it took for him to pass his driving test and he's still trying a year on, so I guess it saves me thinking of what to get him.

Monday, May 10, 2004

£146 lighter

Well I'm a £146 lighter today as I just had to go and book my Taxi in to be examined in June. Only tax, insurance, meter and the garage fees to go I should be well brassic come the end of the month.
Just been driving around town, the traffic is bollocks and the heat is stifling, thank god for aircon.
Had a decent night last night. Only one nutter to report. Picked her and her mate up at the Dorchester side door, pissed as newts. Essex Girl gobs on them, effin and blindin and slagging off everyone from the government to their boyfriends. One got out at Tower Hill and the otherone went on to Bow Quarter in east London. She ended up falling asleep in the foetal position and I had to scream at her to get her to wake up and even then it took her a good few minutes to realise she was on planet Earth. She paid up OK in the end and it turned out to be the best job of the night...£25.
I'll be out there again tonight looking for "a bottle", work that one out.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Mundane existence

Back again. I haven't been arsed lately as it's a pretty mundane existence that I lead. It's all bills bills bills, work work work and practically no play. I did actually play a game of darts this week in a league that I'm in and our team beat the Truscott Arms team 7-5 with me playing a small part. The guvnor of that pub is a mad Geordie called Dave and he was doing his nut as Newcastle United had just been knocked out of the Uefa Cup by Marseille.
I did a bit tonight but came over all "ill" and decided to call it a night early. Just had a nice hot bath and am off to my pit for a kip. I'm listening to Dido's latest album Life for Rent and it's pretty soothing. Ain't the news mad at the moment? Everyone seems to be going into one about the mistreatment of the Iraqis, but it's alright for them to do it to everyone else isn't it.
Oh well.......nighty night.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Our House

Took my daughter and her cousin to the cinema at Staples Corner to see "Our House" with Ben Stiller and Drew barrymore. Pretty funny with a good ending. 3 medium popcorns a couple of small cokes and a bag of smallgeezers...£16. What a flipping rip off. They'd probably sell a lot more if they lowered their prices.
Dropped my neice off at her home in South London and spent a couple of hours their configuring my sister-in-laws computer to drag and drop files onto the CD writer icon so that she could make a few MP3 cd's to play in her car.
I thought it would be busy tonight with the return to work tomorrow but it was pretty thin on the ground.
Best job tonight was Paddington Station to Leytonstone High Road....£31 Legal (no tip)!!!! I love the drive home from North East London. A406 North Circular all the way with the music blaring....fantastic.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Leeds Relegated

I have to start on a sad note. My football team, Leeds United, today lost their battle to stay in the Premiership. I watched it on TV and at the end most of the players and the supporters were in tears. I can't believe how we went from playing in a Champions League Semi-final to relegation in just a few years. I can only hope we'll jump straight back up next season but a rich investor has to be found before that can happen.
Back to work. Extremely busy the last 2 nights. I was here there and everywhere tonight. Hounslow, Isle of Dogs, Ealing, Wood green and many more. As tomorrow (or later on today) is a bank Holiday in the UK people were taking advantage of not having to work the next day. Best job went £40 that was the one to Hounslow.
At the end of this month my cab goes for it's first annual overhaul and all the other things needed to make the cab workable become due also so it's safe to say i'll be living in the cab over the coming weeks.
Does any one know how I add a comment button to this page?

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Happy Birthday Di

First of all if you're reading this Dianne, Happy Birthday!!
The last couple of days have been messed up to say the least. It all started on Thursday when I went to change the headlight bulb on my TXII taxi and found it was a really awkward job. During all the fumblings of me and my son the bulb actually fell into the headlight unit and we had to go and borrow one of those magnetic telescopic thingys from someone to retrieve the bulb. By the time we'd fixed the retaining clip to the bulb it was too late to go out and I had to seek solace in a pot of Pralines and cream Haagen Daz ice cream. I went out to work on Friday morning to make up for Thursday and managed to take a respectable amount. All smallish jobs during the day but plenty of them. Best one probably went about £15. Went to my local carboot fair earlier and spent about £20 on a keyboard for my Dad's computer, a Hitachi CD walkman that does'nt work and a few tools. I should be out tonight as usual and have a few things to say tomorrow.