Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Loft finished

The loft is now finished and my son has installed himself in there. I can now get back to working properly. I went out last night for about 3 hours but spent the bulk of that time sitting on ranks only to get a small job just round the corner. The TV Awards were on in Kensington and I picked up three very drunk people and took them to Victoria Station. After they walked into the station I looked round to see if they'd left anything (you're supposed to do it before they've gone) and saw to my amazement that they'd left all their rubbish for me to clear up. 2 bottles half-filled with Coke, some crisp wrappers and the brochure from the show all slung on the back seat and the floor. There are some dirty slobs about!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


For the last four days I have been decorating the loft to make it a bedroom for my son. You don't realise how much work is involved until you start but I am now halfway through my fifth 10 litre pot of brilliant white vinyl silk emulsion and I've used five tubes of painters mate as well. I've finished the painting and now have to add some fixtures and fittings and a carpet but I must say it looks pukka.
I was last out working on Monday. The evening started off really well as I found a tenner on the floor in the petrol station. I did a job out to Billericay in Essex later on that night and got £83 for that. One day last week I picked this guy up from Canary Wharfe and took him to South Kensington. He was well drunk and nodded off almost immediately. When we got there it took him about five minutes to realise he was in a cab and then he got out and walked off without paying, the fare was £30. I jumped out and called after him and he started arguing that it had been an account ride. I assured him it hadn't but he took a bit of convincing. Eventually he searched his pockets for money to find he had none on him. The long and short of it was that we had to go to a cash point and it cost him another four quid for the pleasure.
I've been decorating all day and am really tired but I still need to go to work. It's now 9.35pm. It's not fair!!!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Introducing the Dude

I bought a Jack Russell terrier puppy last week for the family and have spent the whole week trying to house train it. He is a quick learner and already does his business outside but he has to be let out regularly otherwise he will do it in the house. He was named Dude by his previous owners so we're going to keep the name.
Me and my two sons gave the loft a coat of paint today. It's going to be my sons bedroom if we ever get it done. It still needs a couple more coats and a carpet befor he can move in there.
Work was really quiet tonight. I did some major time on all the main ranks tonight but only managed to pull in half of what I normally do. generally Sundays are the best days I don't know if it had anything to do with that anti-war rally in town

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Goodbye Yaya

My grandmother died today. She was 94. She suffered a stroke on the 4th of October and had been in hospital ever since. She was a very strong lady and was rarely ill throughout her long life. She'd been living with my parents for the last few years and we all saw her very regularly. She was a very philosophical person and would always share her life's experiences with you and give you good advice, she will be greatly missed. She will be buried in Sueca Cemetary in Valencia, Spain, along with the rest of her family, as soon as her body can be flown over.
Goodbye Yaya, Rest in peace.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

All work and no play...

Not much to report just work work and more work.
I've actually blown it out tonight as my brother came round and we pulled out all my old cassettes and and had a major nostalgia session. I've been without an oven for the last six months and I bought and installed one today. We celebrated with a roast pork dinner with all the trimmings and I've just used it again to make these American biscuits from a mix my daughter brought back with her from the States. I made 12 and me and my daughter have just caned them off with out sharing them with her brothers who are actually, as we speak, tucking into a Pizza.
The last few days have seen it reasonably busy out there. I've started doing more account work now and have actually found it more enjoyable than street work. No nutters to report, maybe tomorrow.