Wednesday, July 28, 2004


The barbie went well. It's always nice to get together with the rest of the family, it doesn't happen enough these days.
So after two days off it's back to the grindstone. I started well early on Monday and was doing great until it suddenly died a death around midnight. Nothing exciting to report just an average night taking people home hither and thither.
I've a bit of running around to do today. My daughter is over at her cousin's house and I have a nephew staying here and we have to swap back today which means a run over to Palmers green. I'm also supposed to do a trial run to Alperton with my son who starts work on monday and needs to know how to time his journey. We may well do that one tomorrow.
The cab seems to be running really well after my recent spate of problems, I'm just watching the offf-side tyre for any signs of wear.
Well that's all for now, maybe something exciting will happen at work to write about but I'd rather it didn't if you know what I mean.
Oh by the way Dean, did that thing work and did you get a charger?

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Don't involve me

It's been a few days since I last posted. Fairly busy out there in general when I can be arsed to go out. Had a nice job out to Bishops Stortford the other night £101.20 on a Credit Card. Then I had some mad pissed Aussie bird in the cab on Friday. She was with a couple of mates and they were going to Turnmills in Farringdon. She kept trying to involve me in her drunken ramblings but that is one thing I can't stand, how would they like it if I turned up at their workplace rat-arsed? Any way she kept seat hopping between the two jump seats and the main seat and on one of her exchanges I turned a hard left and she swung from one side of the cab to the other cracking her head on something...I could only hear the noise. That fucking shut her up!! Well it didn't really as she was crying the rest of the way but at least she left me alone.
Well, I'm off to a barbie at my parents house. I hope it doesn't rain.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Fed up

I've had the last two days off as I'm basically pissed off with everything at the moment. Who ever said life was easy though?
One good thing is I've caught up on my sleep and am raring to go!! Not.
I'm going out to work now at 7.30 on a Sunday morning to try and make up for the past few days. This is something I haven't done for ages but Sunday is always a good day for work morning or evening. I may update this post tonight with news of my day. Then again I might not. A bi hello, I mean a big hello, to new reader Tim "Big Boy" Carmichael out there in sunny Harrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Cab trouble

I think the summer kipper has kicked in early as these last few nights the work seems to have ended early.
I've also had more trouble with the cab recently with meter problems and electrics problems.
My RAC membership ran out in June so I have to sign up with them again or try the AA. I was impressed with the RAC guy that came out to me on Monday. He really knew his stuff and had me mobile again in under half an hour.
Average night at work. Stopped at the Piccolo in Gresham street for a latte and magdalena, very nice it was too. It seemed to die a death all of a sudden and when all seemed lost last night a couple of suits saved the night with a pleasant run from town out to Pinner and Stanmore. They took me a really moody route but I just let them get on with it and the total came to £52.
I've been doing a bit of clearing out of cupboards and you should see the amount of crap that has accumulated over the last few years. Theres about six bin bags worth ready to chuck out mostly clothes and paper work and the odd dud printer.
I'm off to make Micky-Rooney-Bollock-Knees-Up for me and the kids' dinner. Thats Macaroni Bolognese to you.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Stingey Gambler

Well now, what's been happening?
These last few weeks have been spent grafting my arse off to pay bills and get some airfare money together to send my daughter to the States to see her mother. If you knuckle down in this job you can do well and be pretty comfortable. I've settled into a routine of starting work around 8pm and working through until 2 or 3am. Not too many hours but enough to earn what I need. The recent spell of bad weather has been a great help. You wouldn't think it was half way through July with the storms we've been having.
I picked up a guy last night who'd won a few grand in the Victoria Casino in Edgware Rd and I took him out to a new development in Brentford. He was a bit of a bull shitter but I just humoured him and when we got there he pulled out this big wad of fifty pound notes, peeled one off and stood there waiting for the change, tight cxxx!!!