Monday, April 24, 2006

Bloody Camera!!!

I had some really nice pictures to post but some how some way they got deleted from the memory stick as I was trying to get them onto the computer.

Well St George's Day came and went and all in all was pretty uneventful. My sister sums it up in her
latest post.
There were a few drunks floating about but I think the steady drizzle we've had today kept a lot of people at home. I did pick one drunk guy up who I had to humour as he seemed to have a problem with the world. In the US you'd call him a redneck, someone who hates everybody but his own kind. To add to that he was a Millwall supporter. The fans of Millwall are notorious for being racist thugs along the same lines as the ICF as mentioned a couple of posts ago. He was trying to find out who my team was, probably to start a fight, but I managed to convince him I didn't follow football and that my sport of choice was rugby, (a lie) a sport which he knew nothing about. He left me alone after that and rang his girlfriend and started talking all soppy with her telling her he had something for her. I dropped him at a pub in Bermondsey in South East London and breathed a sigh of relief when he'd gone. I had to drive all the way back to my favourite perch at Victoria Station before I picked up another job. A couple got in and I heard the woman exclaim "Ooh look a box of Ferrero Rocher unopened!". I guess the thug never had a present for his girlfriend after all. I had the intercom turned up and I could hear them in the back unwrapping the chocolates and stuffing their faces with them. They could have offered me one as they were technically my responsibility to hand in at the lost property office!!
I found something out tonight when a wheelchair passenger wanted my cab at Euston Station . My wheelchair ramp was jammed. I offered to tip his chair up and push him in but he refused to get in by this method and said he would take the next cab. The cab driver behind me didn't look too happy and I am sure he gave me a dirty look. I haven't used the ramp for about a year so I suppose it must need oiling or something. My front brake pads need changing also and I am getting them done at my brother in law's later on today so we can check out the ramp and fix it at the same time.
I filled up with diesel (it's almost a full pound per liter today) and grabbed a coffee and chocolate croissant and took a break by the Harley Davidson shop in Kings Road. (I had a pic but lost it).
In spite of the rain it was still very slow. I did some big bird on the taxi ranks only to get short jobs and comments like "We know it's only a short distance but it's raining". I was about a mile from home when two guys flagged me down in Edgware Road and asked for Market Mews in Mayfair. Unless they lived there they could only be going for one other thing. They spoke poor English but they told me they came from Greenland. I don't think I've ever seen a Greenlander before and they had similar features to Icelanders, the only one of which I ever picked up was the singer Bjork about five years ago. Anyhow, they were really enjoying their stay in London and kept declaring how much fun they were having. I pulled up in Market Mews next to the place I expected they would go to and the red light was on meaning they were open for business at 1.30 am. They paid me £10 tipping me £3 and walked off. I called out to them "Have fun".
Now that I was back in town I thought I'd do a few more jobs then head home. There were some wierd people out there tonight when really they should all be tucked up in bed.
The last job was an elderly Russian couple from a new restaurant in St James's. The old boy had a job climbing into the cab and his wife was shoving him from behind and I could only assume he was shouting (in Russian) for her to leave him be as he could manage, which he clearly couldn't. At their hotel in Marble Arch he again had difficulty getting out and I jumped out and offered my hand to him but again he was having none of it. Miserable old goat. And he never tipped, but I expected that.


Dogbait said...

A good freeware program for recovering files off digital media is Smartrecovery. It's easy to use and should work to recover any valuable photos you might delete by mistake.

london_cabby said...

Nice one Dogbait. I tried it and it worked.

Palace Fan thats a NEW Dad said...

Look forward to seeing the pics now.

Just thought I would mention that I like your blog.

I will have to start dropping the subject of blogs in when i get a cab home on the rare nights that I allowed out :-)

wil said...

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Its a hidden statistics counter.

Its free.

It really breaks out the info about your visitors.

I think you'll like it.

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