Monday, January 09, 2012

The Secret Life Of The Earl St. Maur

Hi folks

Got back from Scotland ok and went back to work this morning to find that the work was only marginally better than last week.I guess everyone is waiting for their first payday since Christmas before using us again, which is of no use to me or the thousands of other cabbies who have bills to pay.

I recieved a letter in the post from our licensing authority, namely, The PCO (Public Carriage Office). Inside were two ID plates that now have to be displayed at both ends of the cab. They will distinguish All London Drivers (Green Badge Holders) from Suburban drivers (Yellow Badge Holders) so you can expect to see these plates on display immediately although the official start date is March the 1st. See photo above.

Whilst at the 60th Birthday Bash in Scotland I got a chance to speak to my Uncle Joe about a book that he's had published. He's been researching it for years and finally put all the information together in a book. If any of you are interested in genealogy then you might like to check out this website. The Secret Life of The Earl St. Maur traces the pro-military, patriotic and amorous meanderings of the war-crazy, heroic, back-packing, 007-style, once-balloonist Earl St. Maur - son and heir of the Twelfth Duke of Somerset and Jane Georgiana Sheridan. Choosing war, rather than dukedom, parliamentary, estate and protocol duties, he refuted the concept of Christian marriage. Wars in Persia, the Indian Mutiny and Garibaldi claimed the Earl's youthful attention. There's a link to buy a copy of the book. Enjoy.Well I haven't much more to say tonight so check back soon.

Take Care.



roadsparky said...


Happy new year to you. Nice to see your putting some posts up again.

I see you have a 60 plate taxi. Are you still renting or did you decide to buy.

Im up for my drop to 28s on tuesday so fingers crossed.



John said...

Happy 2012 to you all.I hope you find that pot of gold this year.

london_cabby said...

Roadsparky: HNY mate. It is a rental. I've tried owning and it's not for me.
Good luck with the appearances.
Take Care

Henry Krinkle said...

In San Diego we also have designated areas for certain cabs to pick up. Unfortunately no one polices them.

I added some animation to my blog,

Hope all is well,

- Henry