Friday, January 20, 2012


Hi folks
Yesterday I signed up as a Hailo driver. It's a new service that enables you, the public, to call a cab via an app on your smart phone. It locates the nearest cab to you and sends it to pick you up. As of yet I'm still waiting for my first job on it. Download the Hailo app for iphones and android and I could be turning up at your door to pick you up!!

I recently had to swap cabs for a week whilst mine went to M&O's for a new radiator. It had got so bad I was refilling it twice per shift. The TX2 I was using was a right old cart and the suspension was non-existant. When I got mine back yesterday it felt like a Rolls Royce.

The work is slowly getting better but it's still taking me a whole shift and a few extra hours to earn my money. I generally try to be finished around 5pm and be in a position to collect Jane from work. Lately, that very rarely happens as a street hail can go anywhere. The last few days have seen my last job going to places suchas Tooting, Heathrow Airport, LCA (City Airport) and beyond all meaning that Jane has to walk home in the dark and often in the rain. My poor baby!!

Well I'm at present sitting on the Berkeley Square rank awaiting my next job whilst typing this on my iphone. Hope it's a good job!!

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EnglandTripTips said...

That's a cool app! Makes busy people's life more sane. Happy trip around London.