Thursday, January 26, 2012

Knicked again!!

Hi folks

As the title says I was yesterday penalised for exceeding the speed limit in Regents Park.
The policemen were in plain view with their hairdryers extended but I was too busy faffing about with all my gadgets to see them. As I looked up from whatever I was doing I was being waved at by the copper to pull in. As he approached the cab I humbly said " sorry about that how fast was I going?" to which he showed me the speed gun which had 40mph on the display "forty miles per hour and I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to report you for that so can I see your drivers licence and bill (cab drivers licence)" That was it, so final!! No warning, no bollocking, no "don't do it again". Mind you, I have to say that over the years the police have been very fair with me and I've been let off more times than I can remember so I suppose it will eventually catch up with everyone but it's still hard to take. He'd taken my two licences back to his car to run some checks and he duly returned them to me also handing me a producer which means I have seven days to present my paper licence at a police station of my choice to recieve my 3 penalty points and to pay the £60 fine. He never said much more than that and from experience I never uttered a word although the word "jobsworth" sprang to mind. I drove away totally disillusioned with the job that has seen me incurring fines at an unsustainable rate recently.

Before being stopped I had been on my way to the cab garage to pay the weekly rent and to get new ads put on. They all had a laugh when I told them I'd been ticketed again as it is now becoming a joke. Maybe they think I'm a joke and were laughing at me. Well who can blame them it sure looks like I love laying out all of my hard earned cash to pay these fines.

On a happier note the cab owner had been due to knock something off the rent at Christmas but hadn't got round to it so I reminded him about it and he deducted £50 which is almost the cost of the fine so I was well pleased with that result. The new adverts are nothing to shout about either just a picture of a worn pair of shoes to indicate that the owner of the shoes would visit every client personally to discuss their investments.

As mentioned in the last post I recently signed up to Hailo and have now done a handfull of jobs both cash and account. The passengers have all been very enthusiastic about the service and I think it will grow to be something amazing. I think if you use London cabs you should get the app and try it out. When we are allocated a job we head straight for the address and the meter isn't started for 5 minutes after arrival at address or as soon as you get into the cab if before 5 minutes. Card payments don't incurr any charges unlike most of the radio circuits which charge between 10 and 12.5% so it's a win win situation. Give it a try you won't fail to be impressed!!

I'll end this latest post with the news that my partner Jane has just become a grandmother for the first time. Her daughter Anna had been in labour for the last four days and at 8.10pm yesterday a bonnie baby girl they've named Taylor Jane was born in Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk. Jane has been in Ipswich for the last five days awaiting the birth and as we speak she is babysitting young Taylor whilst Anna gets her first full nights sleep for five days. My best wishes go out to Anna and her husband Dan and to Taylor too.

Well folks that's all I have for now but check back soon for more news.

Take Care.



SkippyMom said...

What wonderful news for Jane. Congratulations. :)

Glad the owner cut your rent. Works out nicely with the ticket. Yay!

Danny said...

40mph in regents park is dangerous fella, your lucky you just got a fine .

John said...

Remember when you were a kid and had an album for your football stickers.
Looks like you are going for the full set.
Over here in Dublin thay have those vans plain unmarked ones. They are supposed to be safety cameras, but they are on open roads where there has never been afatality.
Its just no fun any more is it?

Marry Steffen said...

O its amazing that what happened with you....Really a curious thing for me in order to start Working In Tenerife ....Thanks

EnglandTripTips said...

Indeed life is a journey, we learn and learn again, it'll all turn out good!