Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Busted Mirror

Just almost flattened a cyclist at the junction of Elgin Avenue and Shirland Rd. He cut across me, realized he wasn't gonna make it the pulled out of the turn in time to whack my mirror. The glass fell out and smashed on the road, he came off the bike and my female passenger screamed. I U turned and went over to him and he apologized claiming he never saw me. How could you not see a great big black taxi?
My mirror casing was also broken but as we all know cyclists get away with murder and the garage gets to pick up the tab. I was on my way over to the garage anyway to pay the rent and get new ads ( Heathrow Shopping this time). I rang the owner en route so he could order me a new mirror but on closer inspection the whole casing had to be replaced. I waited at the garage whilst he took my cab to get the mirror at a cost of £86 to himself and drove away an hour later with everything intact.
I did a few jobs but the Central London traffic at the moment is horrendous so called it a day.
Back to my normal routine tomorrow.
One more fixed penalty to report. I was penalized for waiting in the zig-zagged area just before the begining of the taxi rank at Harrods. £65 less to spend at Chistmas.
Incase i go missing again heres wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

Take care out there.


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Paradise Driver said...

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. :)

Henry Krinkle said...

A similar situation happened to me a while back

steveg said...

Seasonal felicitations to you too mate - Lets hope Leeds can have a better Christmas/New Year than they usually do - MOT

NYC taxi photo said...

ouch!! was the cyclist okay??
I know over here the entire mirror unit is 60 dollars i think, the garage will charge 90 dollars, still that's a bit cheaper than across the pond. I believe somebody was probably making a profit on your mirror by perhaps 20 pounds or so.

also i'd be in so much trouble over here for hitting a cyclist.. i had a very strange run in with some kids in bikes a few years back, which reminds me, now that i quit the taxi biz i should really sit down and write about it.

cheers!! have a good holiday!