Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Latest Door Ads

Hi folks

I've just left my taxi garage with new advertising on the doors. They have, in the past, given samples with whatever the ads refered to. So I was excited to see that the latest ads were about beer. I had visions of recieving a few cases of the stuff to hand out to my passengers (yeah right). No such luck today.

I parted with the weekly cab rent of £205 and had a chat with the owner, the mechanic and the two guys putting the new ads on.

I also got old Pete to change a blown yellow indicator bulb and i was good to go.

I started late today as i went up to Leeds yesterday with my son to watch the home game against Coventry City. The weather up north was absolutely freezing and was discussed with the nice couple as they served me and Danny our curry and chips.
After a visit to the club shop to get Danny the latest blue away strip we sat in the warmth of Janes car (she'd generously offered it up to me instead of driving the taxi all the way up there) until it was time to take our seats in the east stand for the game.
We led for most of the game but threw it all away in the last few seconds of added time. You could hear the crowds exasperation as the goal went in and an immediate exodus was sparked. Oh well, thats football for you.

I'm now sitting on the rank at St Johns Wood hoping for a decent job. I'll let you know what I got later.

Take care y'all


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roadsparky said...

Hey good to hear your still out and about. Long time gaps between posts but i keep checking back and am always surprised to see another.

Don't know if you remember, I mentioned i'm on the knowledge, 6pts 56 and up again in 3 weeks so your stories always give me a bit of encouragement.



london_cabby said...

Roadsparky: Hiya mate as you can tell I post in fits and bursts. I'm pleased I can give you some sort of inspiration. When I was on the knowledge I needed it at times. I loved nothing more than to head out with a full list of points which needed viewing and actuall seeing them for the 1st time after weeks of just reading them used to give me a right buzz. Keep it up as its well worth it.

Mo said...

You don't get to choose which ads go on the car?

roadsparky said...


thought id drop by and see if you had an update.
I had my 3rd app today and got a b(4pts), so i have 10 now and up for the drop in mid jan
Hopefully by that time your finger would have had some exercise to update the online world. lol


John said...

Spent last weekend in your fine city. International magic's 40th magic convention in the Mermaid theater, wonderful time. Magic shop on Clerkenwell RD. Wow the food shops around the corner in Leather Lane were fantastic too. I left a puzzle for you on my blog. Should be easy for you.

Aaron Jose said...

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