Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where was the rush?

I started later than usual today (Monday night) expecting it to be busy. There was no mad rush back home after the holiday weekend and the stations were no more busier than usual. The only burst of activity came from the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington where a certain Paul Anka had been in concert. I picked up five or six different couples and took them to various railway stations and all of them seemed to be in a state of high excitement due to having seen the show. Whatever turns you on!

Royal Albert Hall, Kensington

There isn’t really much more to report tonight as I only did 9 jobs and they were pretty straightforward. I did give the beggar at Victoria the brush off. I started off a few weeks ago by disguising myself with shades, a woolly hat and my collar turned up but now I just keep the windows shut, pretend I’m reading something and shake my head as he knocks on my window. He normally walks off. If I go into Victoria five times a night I get asked for money by this guy five times it really pisses me off sometimes.

To reply to phasmatrox who commented on my last post about the possibilities of opening a Mexican food establishment in London, there are already quite a few Mexican restaurants in London. We have the Chiquito’s chain, the Nando’s chain, the Nacho’s chain and quite a few individual ones dotted all around town. We did used to have a Taco Bell in Earls Court but for some reason it closed down. That’s not to say your restaurant wouldn’t be successful. My guess is it would be just as successful as long as the food was good and you opened it in a good spot. I love Mexican food and eat it all the time. One of my favourite dishes is Fajitas. I make them at home for me and the kids at least once a week and they always go down a treat.

Updating you all on my hunt for the best Hot Dog in town. I think I found the place. My kitchen! London is not New York. Hot Dogs are not as big a deal here so there’s nowhere that specializes in them. On my way home from work I stopped off at my local Tesco’s and bought some part-baked baguettes, some pork sausages and some onions and rustled myself up the ultimate foot-long Hot Dog. Check out the pic.

So after eating that “Mother of all Hot Dogs” I need to go and lie down.Catch you all later.


wil said...

See if any stores sell Hebrew National all beef frankfurters (aka:weiners, aka:hot dogs).

Beef is way better than pork for the traditional "hot dog".

Rather than boiling the "dogs", steam them instead and also steam the roll just before using.

A light smear of mayonaise across the bottom of the bun, then place the "dog" in place. Mustard along one side and ketchup (aka:catsup) along the other. Add a slice (not a wedge) of purple onion on one side and a slice of fresh tomato on the other and then cover the top of the dog with some grated cheddar cheese. Finally, add a couple of slices of jalapeno pepper on top of the cheese.

You can also substitute sauerkraut for the onion.

Or forget the veggies and sauces and just smother it in chili, cheese and onions.

Are you as hungry as I am now? :)

london_cabby said...

Now that sounds like a propper Hot Dog and I will definitely try and get all the correct ingredients and give it a go.
Many thanks Wil.


you know, out here in Los Angeles they wrap the hot dog weenie with bacon & grill that, with sauteed onions on top. mmm I am a mustard person myself- so I usually just dab a good amount of mustard, sans catsup.
...just giving you another option :)

london_cabby said...

I think that if you love food then all the different variations of Hot Dog will be just as appetising as eachother at given times suchas your moods etc.

Adeline said...

Nice Blog :)

Anonymous said...


Katie said...

have to admit that was TASTY!!!! Make it again please LOL

STAG said...

So two little ladies go up to the cart, and asked "what do you sell here" Hot Dogs Ma'am. "Oh, now that's interestin'. Never had a hot dog before. Do ya want one Margie? Good. Two hot dogs please". The lady takes the two hot dogs, dripping with saurcraut and mustard over to her friend. The each look at it, doubtfully. Finally her friend says "Well, so what part of the dog did YOU get?"

I agree with the all beef hot dog idea. No doubt London is the home of the proper banger, but a hot dog is a whole 'nother animal. It was said to be "invented" in Chicago a ways before the worlds fair. A cold day on Wrigly field, and even the good German beer (which was sold by the pail) was not selling well. The concession owner told his assistant to run over to the restaurant and get some of those fresh hot bratwurst and some kaiser buns so you could hold it without making a mess. Because it was such a cold day, he marketed them by calling "Red hot brats" "Get yer Red Hots here". And so Chicago calls them Red Hots to this day, and the world calls them hot dogs. (no, I don't know where the dog part comes from!)

Okay, that was the story I read on the wall waiting for a seat at Murphey's Bleachers Restaurant just outside Chicago's Wrigley Field.

It is a pity that the quality of the hot dog in the home that invented it (Wrigly field) is so bad! The vendors have let quality slip and slip and slip until you get crap food in a great stadium.
Anyway, here is a recipe on how it is supposed to be done....