Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A last look.

A Last View Of My Cab
I took this picture as I walked away from my cab for the last time.
I sold my cab yesterday and have gone back to renting. I had been toying with the idea for a few months. With renting I don’t have all the headaches of repair bills, new tyres and the biggest expense of all, the annual overhaul. Now I just pay my money every week and let the garage take the strain. Instead of the modern TXII I am now driving an older Fairway Driver but I found it much smoother over the bumps and just as fast.

I only did a half shift tonight as I had spent most of the day finalising the sale and having to go to a few different places. Once I sold the cab I had to take a cab to the place where my rental was. I used to rent from them before and when I arrived a few of the mechanics greeted me with “Welcome home!” which was quite touching.

The few jobs I did were pretty uneventful but the last guy I picked up from a casino looked a bit shell-shocked and said he’d just lost three grand. That’s a lot of money to lose in one go.

I picked up the next 2 episodes of the Sopranos and have just watched them. Episode 6 is hilarious, 7 was ok. I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks now for the next two, as they haven’t even come out in the States yet.

I’m dead tired and am going to bed but I just wanted to say about the cab.
Night Night.(Normal service will be resumed tomorrow night)


wil said...

Are London taxis a specifically designed vehicle for the job (ala the Checker cab in the US)?

If so, who manufactures them?

Are the general public able to purchase them?

london_cabby said...


Yes very similar ro checker cabs

Anyone with about £35K cab buy one

Lance said...

You have a wonderful blog here. And excellent writing as well. Congratulations.