Sunday, May 14, 2006

Attack of the Bluebottles

We’re under attack by a plague of Bluebottles. I don’t know why it’s happening but there are thousands of them. I have an idea that something has died behind the toilet, possibly a rat, and flies have laid their eggs. I’ve spent the last few hours spraying fly killer in all the cracks and crevices but if it doesn’t solve the problem by tomorrow I will have to open up the pipe housing for a closer inspection. I’ve often seen the odd rat scuttling about and some have even ended up in the toilet bowl. These houses are only about 6 years old but for some reason attract a variety of insects and animals. You’ll know if there’s a creepy crawly about when you hear my daughter’s piercing scream, a trait she has inherited from her mother. I think I’ve got them all for tonight so we’ll see what’s what in the morning.

I spent a pleasant day at my parents’ house where we had a barbeque to celebrate my son’s 21st birthday. There was plenty of food and drink and all the family were there.

I worked last night (Saturday) and as usual it was a busy shift. The FA Cup final was played in Cardiff so there was a steady stream of West Ham United fans arriving back at Paddington Station from 9 o’clock onwards. I thought I was bound to get a job to East London but managed to stay fairly local all the evening. I did pick up a couple of extremely drunk fans but they were in an OK mood considering their team lost the cup. A few years ago I picked up four West Ham fans from Victoria and took them out to East Ham. They were each holding a case of beer and had already had a skin full. When we got to the other end they simply walked away without paying the £25 fare. So naturally I was weary about these two but it turned out OK.

I sat on the South Kensington rank a couple of times. The many restaurants in the area such as the Indian restaurant, Khan’s, provided a steady stream of work

Khan's, South Kensington

My daughter was home alone as the boys were out doing their own thing so I decided to cut the night short and keep her company. I rang her to ask if she fancied a bite to eat and we both settled on KFC. I use the KFC in Harrow Road and in the evenings it can be a rough place. There’s always an argument going on in there. I think the lady who’s always there working loves the confrontation. I’ve used this place for years and I’ve seen her have screaming matches with untold men and win. She gets called some terrible names at times but takes it all in her stride. You daren’t get involved as it could all turn against you in a flash. The bloke in there last night was arguing about the size of one of the pieces of chicken she had given him and how she had also skimped on the chips. I must admit it has happened to me a few times but I never say a word. She was reluctant to change the chicken so he told her to stick it in her pussy. She in turn told him to stick it up his arse and the exchange carried on like that for a few more seconds. After much name calling, insult hurling and yelling the situation resolved itself and we were all able to get on with our lives.

By the way, I forgot to put the lottery on so I’ll never know if that guy’s prediction would have come true. I had too much on so never had the opportunity to get to a shop.


Aussie said...

It was an amazing FA Cup Final, I was shouting West Ham(underdog for the day). Memories of Khans from years ago. Great to read your blog. Do you pop down Brick Lane for a curry, also there was a place you get excellent bagels, I used to pop down there early hours of the morning when working.

london_cabby said...

I've been to the all night bagel shop many times, my favourite being salmon and cream cheese but generally eat curries on my side of town