Sunday, July 02, 2006

What a bunch of spastics.

In fact that is probably an insult to handicapped people so I take that back. What I'm reffering to is our national football team who last night went out of the World Cup quarter finals yet again. They did the hard bit and held Portugal to a draw with ten men but when it went to penalties they only managed to score one out of five. A few of the younger viewers at my house were reduced to tears but I have come to expect this sort of heartache so did the next best thing.....went out to work.

I only did 10 jobs tonight 5 good rides and 5 not so good rides.
As per usual after an England game the streets were crawling with drunks but add a defeat into the mix and those drunks want to take it out on someone.

I picked four drunk guys up in Piccadilly and took them down to Victoria and while I was stuck in the Piccadilly traffic they were shouting out of the windows at everybody. There were a few Portugese flags flying from cars and they got singled out with special abuse along the lines of "Ronaldo's dead" and "Cheating cunts".

Later I had another pair of sore guys who threw a bottle out of the window at no one in particular. It smashed on a parked car causing heads to turn.

I don't know why I bother going out after an England defeat because it's always the same. No wonder we get a bad reputation abroad.

The best job of the night took me up to Rayners Lane in north west London. These two had also watched the game but were a bit more graceful in defeat.


Anonymous said...

Well i live in the north of Scotland and must admit i was saddened to see England go out yesterday, yes it is true not all Scottish were hoping they would lose!!!!
Although you must admit the penalties taken were shit!

london_cabby said...

Yes I agree with you the penalties were the worst aspect of the whole game.

Crabbie said...

I had a rowdy one that night too, but he actually was a spastic. And I don't think he was all that concerned about England's ineptitude on penalties.

Anonymous said...

Yea emotions. One Tip I would like to give to the FA is that possibly after the 2nd round, scrap all replays and have penalty shootouts if its level after extra time. This will players more experience and also players coming up in the lower divisions some exposure. Though I agree its nce to get a result in playing time but just look at the confidence of Germany compared to our players.

Likewise I thought we could beat Portugal in playing time but stated b4 the game if it came to penalties we will be out.

I am based in Oz if you can pass onto FA that suggestion great .

Anonymous said...

PS I was refering to our FA Cup and also League cup with abover references

BiBi Cambridge said...

It was my birthday on Saturday and even though watching the game was fun, the aftermath was just crap. England fans do not lose gracefully. And you're right, they do have to take it out on someone which ended up being my botfriend at the restaurant we visited that night... this other guy was really drunk and acting out. Tried to slap (slap? what kind of girlieboy was he?) my boyfriend and then got thrown out of the joint. Happy Birthday to me.

I do enjoy reading your blog by the way. Thank you for posting it.

BiBi x

Anonymous said...

do you know any taxi bloggers in the North West of England - I'm interested in doing a feature on one.

london_cabby said...

Bob at taxi tales is in the north west.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

This was probably sparked by the post about the bagels, but thought you might be interested in another NY cabbie's blog - more than a bit food focused, but fun -

london_cabby said...

I'm not Bob and I am already aware of the site you mentioned.
London Cabby