Friday, July 07, 2006

My Right Hand

Over the last few days I’ve been a busy little boy. Sometimes there just ain’t enough hours in the day to do what needs to get done and the pressure builds up. Luckily it’s been pretty busy on the streets so with just a few extra hours per day I’ve managed to tip the scales in my direction.

I went over to my cab garage today to part with the weekly £180. I asked them what I always ask them every week. That is if they had a better cab for me yet. Jim, the genial Irishman said “I nearly had a lovely TXII for you with air conditioning and a six CD changer”. “Nearly?” says me, “nearly’s no good, what happened?” Apparently the guy using that particular cab was going to see his son in Australia and was going to spend six months out there, effectively forfeiting his cab to the next available bod, me! But it all fell through at the last minute for no given reason which means I have to continue with my shit-cart whilst indecisive Bill gets to keep the Rolls Royce of London Taxis until he makes his mind up. I wish Jim hadn’t told me now.

I have managed to injure my right hand twice in the last week. I do everything with my right hand and I mean everything so I can’t be going round getting injured or more than my hand will suffer. Firstly I was doing a spot of pearl diving as my old chef used to say, but to you and me let’s just call it the washing up. I was washing a pint glass with an England logo that my boys were particularly proud of when it cracked in my hand and the glass sank almost bone deep into my right index finger. I instinctively squeezed the finger with my other hand but I knew it was deep. I let go for a second and the blood started oozing out at a pretty fast rate. It probably could have done with a few stitches but I just held it tight until the blood coagulated. It popped open a few times that night as I forgot all about it and used my hand in the usual manner but eventually it stayed shut and now, about four days later it’s healing nicely. I took a pic of it but you can’t really see the cut in its full glory.

Poor Finger

The second injury was earlier on today. Again I was doing the washing up and as I was cleaning a fork one of the prongs managed to sink in behind the nail of the “bird” or middle finger. I’m telling you man it fucking hurt. About half the prong managed to stick in and as I held my hand downwards the fork was dangling from my finger. I had to pull it out and as I did the blood came with it. It still hurts and is throbbing now after my shift and I’ll probably lose the nail. I recently lost two nails on my right foot after having kicked a chair in anger at the kids several months ago. I’ve really got to sort my life out!!

I started work a few days ago and as I was driving down Maida Vale towards town I got hailed by someone who looked very familiar to me. As soon as she came to the window to tell me her destination I recognised her as one of my parents’ oldest friends which none of us have seen for at least ten years. I’d heard they’d moved to Spain and she confirmed it to me. She was just over doing a bit of shopping. In the space of time it took me to drive her the half mile to Crawford Street we exchanged as much news and gossip as possible before she got out. She offered me the five pounds fare but I refused to take it. Who knows if I’ll ever see her again…frail that life is. (For all family members racking their brains as to who it was, it was Cathy)

I had a little chuckle to myself tonight as I was hailed by four obviously drunk City workers. Three of them stayed across the road as the only female of the group raced over to hail me. She was standing next to some road works and there was very little room for her to get out of my way as I came bearing down upon her. She backed up as far as she could but instinctively tried to go back a bit further and proceeded to fall backwards against those red and white barriers perched on traffic cones which subsequently pulled down a whole row of barriers and cones.. There was nothing for her to hurt herself against and she fell flat on her back with her arms outstretched helplessly. What made me laugh was that the whole thing looked like it was in slow motion. The three guys collapsed in fits of laughter and were really no help to her at all but eventually helped her up. She soon recovered and they started singing loudly all the way to their destination. I rang my daughter on the way and told her to have a listen to the racket going on in the back of the cab and she had a good laugh.
I haven’t posted many photos lately as there just hasn’t been anything that’s taken my fancy but I did take a couple recently of a London sunset.

Sunset over Kilburn

Sunset over Paddington


Anonymous said...

Does your cab garage have any Metrocabs in its fleet? If so, would you prefer to drive a late model Metrocab instead of a FX4?

Scottsdale, Arizona

jo said...

Hello LC,

Have any 'anoraks' posted on your blog lately? I think so!!

I laughed so much I nearly did a little wee - I would have liked to have seen that lady fall flat on her face!!

london_cabby said...

She fell flat on her back actually.
Anoraks? Wouldn't a cab fall into the same category as buses and trains? Hence attracting the "spotters".

london_cabby said...

there are very few garages that hire metrocabs. The company that makes them have gone bust and prior to that changed hands a few times so have always been regarded as a no no. I rented one for a month and hated it so I'll be driving an LTI vehicle for the foreseable future.

Rach said...

Hiya Regarding the sore finger, sod the washing up and buy a dish washer, or you could always try coaxing the bairns!!!!

wil said...

Do you have any reflections about what happened last year on July 7th?

Anonymous said...

Hope it is not your drinking hand LOL. All set for the France V Italy Final ??

london_cabby said...

Hi Rach (is that you finally contributing?) A dishwasher would be great but I've always thought it would get misused in this house ie one cup being washed by itself and wasting all that precious water. As for "coaxing the bairns", I'd have more chance of being struck by lightning than getting help off them.

Terrible as it was, life just rolls on and on relentlessly here with only a little time to think of those that died or lost loved ones. I must admit I did think something similar would happen but am obviously glad it never. Unlike some cynics I do put a lot of faith in our security services and think they do a fantastic job.


I still have the left hand but the right is healing nicely. Very much looking forward to the game and an Italian victory, they're the far stronger team.

Anonymous said...

This is a really cool blog. I'm actually planning to do the knowlege in sept/nov once i get a mo ped. I'm currently working in the passport office so i see you guys in the taxi rank behind victoria station all the time. After handing the odd taxi driver his passport and sending him off on holiday and them telling me how much money can be made ( if you up for working your ass off ) i've decided to ditch the goverment and chase the dream.

I just hope by the time i grow an extra brain and learn that knowlege the game not up and the trade is ruined if not runied already

Its one of those things, i hate that knowlege for being so hard, but understand if it was so easy
easy, their would be a million cabbies trying to get a job at the passport office.

whats your take on the futire of the trade, would u advise any of your sons to do it if they asked for you adivce