Friday, June 16, 2006

Two Nil To The Ingerland.....

Yes it was two nil to England after they pulled their finger out in the second half. Credit to T&T they defended well but apart from a fantastic clearance off the line by John Terry they hardly troubled us. Bring on the Swedes and maybe Germany in the second round.

I knew it would be busy after the game so I went straight out to work. What I never really thought about was the drunken idiots that would also be out there. You'd think that after watching their country win and progress to the next stage of the World Cup that they would be happy and even chilled out. Not so. Having been a warring island nation since time began people in this country are just born with a fighting gene and love to excercise it at every opportunity. I must have seen at least half a dozen fights on my travels around the city. Police sirens were constantly blazing. I was taking two ladies to Southfields and as I was driving through Putney three guys in England shirts were kicking the shit out of eachother. One of their girlfriends was trying to break it up and I saw her shoved away from the scrum and land on her arse on the pavement. About half an hour later I was driving along the Kings Road and I saw something similar but there was only two of them and one of them was taunting the other guy with a traffic cone, Absolutely crazy.

Workwise I never stopped the whole time I was out. Everybody wanted to talk about the football and by the third or fourth job I was repeating what others had said to me as my own. I got my other cab back today with the fixed suspension (it's still crap though) so it was hard to hear what people were saying because the gap in the partition is on the opposite side to me as opposed to right behind me in older cabs. There is also an intercom in this cab but it's not working.

I only did six hours but I took a full days money in that time.
I took a guy out to Northolt and he was trying to chat me up. What's up with that? I always get them don't I? When we got there he asked me to come in for a bowl of soup!!! Who the heck has soup at home, I know I don't. I did all I could not to offend the guy. I think he really thought he'd cracked it with me but yet again, as in all these events, I had to disappoint him. It turned out to be my last job and I flew down the A40 towards home extremely pleased with my nights work.


wil said...


Here it called "getting 'hit' on" and I get that at least once a week.

I feel sorry for them. They must be really desperate if the best they can do is soliciting a short, fat, balding, gray-haired & bearded, old, almost cripple.

Never been offered soup though. Its always, "Do you want to go down to the beach?"

jo said...

Well you are such a nice man LC, that it's no surprise people, hit on you.

My boyfriend is a chauffeur and regularly get's hit on, but then he is big and hairy!!


jo said...

PS. Soup - that's original, whatever happened to a cup of coffee??

Anonymous said...

good blog. i am a londoner and understand the nutcases we have to put up with on a day to day basis. keep up the good work ....and more impotantly keep sane !

Anonymous said...

Haha - I'm a transplanted New Yorker living in London, and I'm just devouring the World Cup. It's madness, it's nationalist, it's ridiculous - but I love every minute and catch every game I can. This is the time I really get a soft spot for England and the feisty nature of the people. Plus it's so sunny lately...London is just sparkly and gorgeous when the weather's right.

Thanks for the blog - love hearing the view from the other side of the glass, as it were.