Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Talking Dirty

I’m almost back to normal after these last two weeks have seen my bank balance take a serious battering. There were weddings to attend, family functions, clothes to buy, nights off to watch England progress in the World Cup, general day to day living expenses all requiring money that wasn’t being earned for one reason or another. But I’m now focussed and raring to go!! Not.

I did two shifts today. The first one was only a few hours long as I wanted to watch the Spain V France game. I was mostly over on the east side of town and took the opportunity to visit the Beigel Shop in Brick Lane. I had a cream cheese and salmon beigel ( I thought it was spelt bagel!) and it tasted pukka!!!!

Beigel Shop, Brick Lane

I was eavesdropping on a conversation, as one does, and wished I had a tape recorder with me. These two ladies were discussing their sexual exploits and were using language that even an old seadog like me felt uncomfortable with (did I ever mention I used to be in the merchant navy?) I don’t know what it is about posh people but they seem to think that when they get in a cab it’s ok to talk like a sewer because the cabbie is bound to be common and used to such language. Well I wouldn’t say I was common, well not too common, and I am used to the language but not from people like them and I almost said something to them. I can’t think of a dirty word they never used and as this is a family site (ha ha) I won’t repeat what they said but needless to say it was disgusting.

Sex talk

Talking of sex this next picture is of Sussex Gardens in the Paddington district. Who would think that this lovely tree-lined street, which by day is busy with tourists coming and going about their business, turns into a sleazy red light zone which is crawling with prostitutes as soon as the sun sets? During the course of my work I’ve had to approach many of these girls and ask how much they charge for their services for the guy in the back who’s too much of a pussy to ask for himself. I don’t mind asking as long as they make it worth my while but I draw the line at letting any sexual activity take place in the cab. I don’t want no bodily fluids on my back seat.

Sussex Gardens By Day

There are still thousands of cars and taxis driving around with the English flag flying from some part of the vehicle. I must admit as England progress through the tournament I’m tempted to put a couple of flags up myself. We play Portugal on Saturday and I think the country is starting to believe we can go all the way. I concur.

Flying The Flag of St. George

COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!


Joann said...

When pushed or frustrated my language has gotten ugly but it is not a usual thing for me. I have to be very mad. I agree with you. I find it disrespectful when a customer starts in.

jo said...

Bodily fluids???!!! Yuck!!

As for England, we're going all the way!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just in the Land Of The Free(tm), but I thought just asking a prostitute for the cost was a crime? That means you get the record if she's a copper, and the customer gets to walk.

Or have I been watching too much RealityTV? :)

london_cabby said...

Thankfully it doesn't happen too often and pro's mainly advertise their wares through cards which are posted in phone boxes which is much easier to call and get prices and directions and as far as I know thats legal.

Mad Cabbie said...

I don't give a shit, for the right price I let them fuck their brains out, It happened quite a few times.

Mad Cabbie said...

I don't see anyone winning against Brazil, they are way too fast.

I don't know man, England since the Bobby Moore, Bobby Charleton hay days I haven't seen a real strong immpersive team yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including a few photos in your post. I enjoyed the London street scenes.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Crabbie said...

If I even tell a guy where he can find prostitutes, and that guy's a cop, I get thrown in jail for pimping. When the subject comes up, I tend to just start saying "no" repeatedly - I've only had one encounter with a whore that wasn't a complete pain in the ass, and that one was still depressing. This is due in no small part to the fact that prostitute tends to equal meth geek in my neck of the woods.

And I charge a $50 flat fee for bodily fluids in the car, no matter the orifice from which they spring.

Anonymous said...

Good memories of the Brick Lane Beigal shop. Good to see you are back on the road. Go The ENGLAND and get that St George Flag on your cab, though you might not get any tips of any Scotsman that gets in and sees it.
I drove a cab in Australia for a while and I know where you are coming at regards general talk in the cab. I got propositioned a few times by both genders, the answer was always "No Thankyou". 99% are great but its the 1% scum that ruins your night.
Keep up the posts and thanks for the memories.
One time I had a street prozzie nearly eat a young lad alive in the back of my cab, I couldn't get rid of them as quickly as possible.

cobra427 said...

How do you manage to take pics of the punters without them noticing.?

london_cabby said...

With a phone camera

cobra427 said...

You must have one hell of a phone - mine does everything bar eat, drink and throw up in the corner - still get crap pics out of it if I try the same thing.

Would you be interested in an interview?

london_cabby said...

What sort of interview?

cobra427 said...

I interview bloggers - try to find out a bit more about them that they've probably not posted before, A little of their sites history, and a small dip into their personal background.

Have a look at my site - click the link for In The Chair.

If you're interested - email me please.