Tuesday, September 03, 2013

It's all 'appenin!

Hi Folks
Just a few more days to go for Dad's funeral. Everythings in place to give him a fitting send-off. It seems a lifetime since he died, he's sorely missed by all of us.
The following day me and Jane are flying out to Corfu for a few days to meet her kids and their partners and her little grandaughter who will have already been there a few days before us. It's 35 degrees out there today, way too hot for my liking but it beats working.
So, after a few weeks notice my garage finally raised the rental fee by £20 to the exhorbitent amount of £235 per week. As far as I know 3 drivers have returned their cabs and gone elsewhere. I am resisting at the moment as I am looking at other options. I may possibly go for a leasing option but I will be looking into it more after I get back from Corfu.
I'm presently sitting on the taxi rank outside the RAC Club in Pall Mall. Its one of several gentlemens clubs in the vicinity. The one behind me is the Reform Club which is where Jules Verne's Around the world in 80 days comes to a conclusion with Phileas Fog just making it in the nick of time.
My passenger has just instructed me to drive her to Gloucester Road northern end which will require a run through fashionable Knightsbridge.
As i drop her off a mother and son wait to get in. Kensington High Street please. Bread and butter work. I love it.
There's a buzz about London this week. A sense of everything returning to normal after six weeks of holidays. The school runs are resuming, workers are taking cabs here and there, cab ranks are moving just that little bit faster which can only be a good thing.
I stopped off for a bite to eat earlier as I felt a little weak through not having any breakfast. I went to Prêt à Manger in Marble Arch after parking round the back of the Cumberland Hotel. On returning to the cab laden with my goodies I placed the coffee on the arm rest, the sandwich on the dash and the plastic container of fruit salad on the floor. I get in, elbow the coffee off the arm rest which in turn explodes all over my stuff. Flustered, I continue to get in and somehow manage to kick out the fruit salad which also expodes open onto Bryanston Street leaving me fruitless and coffeeless and with only a cheese and pickle sarni for company! It's not the first time either. I knock the coffee off 2 or 3 times a year. I should know better.
It's all happenin today!! Just dropped an old dear off in a dead end road off Baker Street and there's a guy from the office block next door standing by her house smoking a cigarette. Apparently it's a daily occurrence and the poor old dear spends all her time sweeping up discarded butts. She screamed abuse at him to stand outside his own door, he shouted something back and I drove off leaving them to it.
2 jobs later and I have just had a minor collision with a silver mercedes van. It was probably my fault but I never told him that. There's no damage on the cab just a scuff mark on the bumper but the mercedes is now the proud posessor of a creased door panel. My guvnor's gonna love me.

I think i've had enough action for one day. I'm going home
Take Care Y'all


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SkippyMom said...

I am sure your Dad's send off was quite special as is he. I am sorry I wasn't here to wish you well for it and the short trip to Corfu.

Just a nick, but on a Mercedes? My gosh, man - could you have not have picked a clunker on it's last piston? Jeez, I figure that is going to cost. Ah well. If it wasn't your fault. It wasn't your fault. ::wink::

Take care and hope to see you soon.

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