Thursday, November 08, 2012

An autumn day

Hi folks

I'm sitting in the cab on a rest rank round the back of the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch. It's sunny but clouding over now and it's crisply cold. I'm eating a roast beef and horseradish baguette and drinking a skinny latte from Prêt à Manger.

I started at around 9am and have done about six jobs till now ( its 12.30)
Most of the jobs have come from the St John's Wood taxi rank outside the tube station. I've taken passengers from there to Harley Street (doctors appointment), the Royal Acdemy of Music (with her violin and panicking because she was extremely late), to Priory Road off Abbey Road to meet prospective house buyers (he was the estate agent), to Christies Auction House in South Kensington where she was anticipating buying a painting (heard snippets of her phone conversation). From there I took a chance on South Kensington rank and was rewarded with a nice job up to Camden Town (3 excited French girls going to the market). Back on the Johnnys Wood rank for a regular rider who goes down to Crawford Place by cab every day of the week (he owns a persian restaurant).

So what else have I done today? Oh yes! I have been due a mobile phone upgrade since August. I've been stalling because of all the 4G hullaballoo. Now it's all been sorted i've gone for the new Samsung Galaxy SIII (pebble colour). I receive it tomorrow and am anxious to know if i've made the right choice tariff wise. I have gone for the 3 network whose package includes 2500 any network minutes, unlimited texts and best of all unlimited data. A quick q&a session on twitter confirmed i've probably made the right choice for London but elsewhere service can be excellent to patchy as are all the others, we shall see soon enough.

I owe 2 weeks cab rent again and hope to have it paid by close of business on Friday.

Jane wants to take me on an all expenses trip up to Leeds on Saturday to watch the Mighty Whites in action against Watford but in return I have to be up to date with all my bills. Even as i'm typing this on the iphone she's texting to see if I'm on target. At the rate the shekels are coming in today I'll still be at it at midnight.

Check back soon for more updates.

Take Care Out There


Location:Marble Arch


london_cabby said...

Erm...lets not comment on the football score shall we?

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