Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy 2011

Hi folks
I'm using the mobile poster from my iphone again so it won't be too long a posting.

Happy New Year and all that jazz.

Well I think I've been caught out after so many recent days off. There's little to no work out here tonite and after six and a half hours I'm struggling to make my money.

Most of the jobs are short hops and ive been mainly working between South Kensington and Victoria. I think it will take at least another week before the work picks up.

The best job of the night was four guys from Victoria to Wharfedale Road round the back of Kings Cross which went twenty quid but all the others have been much less.

I stopped off at Earls Court earlier and treated myself to a meatball sub from Subway. I've switched from Subway melt recently and now I can't resist the meatballs. It's not doing my figure any favours and all my jeans are starting to tighten up but what can I do? A man has to eat!

I went to the cinema yesterday with my daughter to see "The Tourist". I didn't think much of it to be honest. I'm not a lover of Americans trying to do English accents, and vice versa for that matter so it just didn't provide me with the escapism I was seeking but I made up for it with a Hot Dog, some popcorn and a McD's afterwards. (more waistline stretching nourishment)

Anyhow, just thought I'd check in and do the New Year thing.

Watch out for more tales from my cab.

Take Care out there.


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SkippyMom said...

Hope your day improved moneywise after your post.

I agree about the accent thing. We are anxious to see "The King's Speech" although I am not sure of all the actors [except Colin Firth] are British.

Have a great Tuesday!

london_cabby said...

Hi SkippyMom
Happy New Year to you and the family.
I too am looking forward to The Kings Speech where after a quick look on Wikipedia I see that the cream of British actors are included in the cast but again they have used a British Actress to play Wallace Simpson so I'll be on the lookout for the moody American accent. Take care. LC.

jo said...

LC - you had better watch all that junk food it's not just your waistline you should be worrying about.

Big sister talk over.

Thanks for the mention - I didn't realise you had. That means I am going to have to keep writing now.