Friday, July 24, 2009

No Need For Foul Language

Hi folks

It’s posting time again.

My body clock has gone haywire and I’m up when I should be asleep. This plays havoc with home life because now I’m getting up as it’s time for work. Food has to be made (or ordered and delivered) and mouths fed before I can do that so I find I manage to finally get out by 8 to 8.30pm which then finds me struggling to find jobs that are already sitting at the restaurants and bars that I should have been dropping them at a few hours earlier. I have to head straight for the nearest rank to get “off the mark” and hope my experience will get me that next job.

A few weeks ago I could do no wrong. There was so much happening around town such as Wimbledon, concerts in Hyde Park and Wembley Stadium that the work was in plentiful supply. Since the schools broke up for the summer the work has taken a nose dive and we’re all out here looking for the same non-existent jobs.

The Sloane Avenue Boogie ain’t even working as it’s supposed to but somehow, by hook or by crook, I’m managing to survive. (I got slagged off by my mates for calling it that, does anyone else think it’s cringeworthy??)

The cab has been behaving itself (as it should at 8 months old) and I haven’t been back to the garage since the 10K service three months ago. Since I’ve been paying the weekly rent through the bank there’s been no need to go there. I did have a couple of halogen headlights blow but I’m now a dab hand at changing them. The lights on this cab don’t have that awkward clip that has to be fiddled with instead they have a plastic screw on cap which makes the job a hundred times easier. But I am now only 3k away from the next service so I suppose I will have to go there in the next six weeks or so.

I was reading other blogs recently and clicked on Chris’s to see if he’d posted anything new. I seem to remember him saying that he was going to do loads of posts about his new Mercedes Taxi but it seems to have petered out. Well he’s still out and about and chucking the Merc through those six foot sixes like there’s no tomorrow. The only problem he’s had with the cab, even after taking it back to KPM a few times is with the electric doors. They’re forever sticking or just refusing to open at all causing him to have to jump out and open them manually. Oh and remember what I said last post about GBX? Well he got a job down to Hastings the other night. Nuff said!!

I did manage to snag a job down to Epsom the other night but in the main it’s all bread and butter work of the £10 to £20 variety. I have also got used to hitting the “accept” button on the radio and after 7 weeks of not doing even enough to cover the rent I actually got paid £34 yesterday so things must be looking up even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

So, one story to tell. It’s a story about how something can blow up out of nothing.
I’d just dropped off at Euston Station and took a peek down the rank to see how many cabs were there. There was none so I drove down the ramp and put on. 30 seconds later a woman walked down the stairs and got in. She asked for Clapham Junction and also said she’d need a cash point. Off we went. As I turned into Great Portland Street I pulled up at the Lloyds Bank. She was listening to her iPod and hadn’t realised I’d stopped for her to get money so I turned the light on and she looked up and removed her headphones.

Her: What’s the matter?
Me: There’s a cash point for you to get the money from.
Her: (Tutting) For fuck sake (Why did she have to say that?)
Me: What d’you mean for fuck sake, what’s wrong with you?
Her: Why are you chucking me out to get money here when I could get it in Clapham? (How was that “chucking her out”?)
Me: (completely over the top response) I’m not fucking chucking you out I just thought it would be better for you to get the money at the first available ATM in case the one in Clapham don’t work.
Her: Excuse me? (acting all shocked that I’d dared to swear at her even though she swore first.)
Me: (Losing it completely as I do from time to time) I tell you what love, get your bags and get another fucking cab.

She tried to start an argument but my hackles had already risen and I was having none of it so I insisted she took another cab. She grabbed her stuff and slammed my door shut and called me a few names. I drove away thinking that my reaction had been a bit over the top but she needn’t have reacted like she did and it just goes to show how someone can ruin a perfectly peaceful evening because they had obviously had a bad day. I drove down the remainder of Great Portland Street and turned to enter Oxford Circus when a guy hailed me and asked if I could run him out to Hainault, a £50 job, which kept me busy and gave me no time to dwell on what had just happened.

I have to try and keep busy this week as I am having next weekend off to attend Jane’s daughter’s wedding in Ipswich. My annual trip to Spain is also coming up at the end of September and Jane will also be coming with me and my mum for the week so let’s hope the work picks up a bit so that I won’t be skint.

Take care out there.



SkippyMom said...

Nice to see you! Sounds as tho' you are doing well.

Sometimes when someone curses at me in a work environment they don't seem like they realize it. It may be her usual vocabulary and didn't think she was being offensive. [Why people don't think that word is offensive is beyond me :) ] but she shouldn't have said it regardless.

I know that if I need an ATM I go to the closest one first. I want to make darn sure I have money to pay for the ride.

Have a great holiday!

Bill said...

Oh well. That's one woman who won't be getting another cab in a hurry. I wihs more cab drivers were like you, then instead of driving people about and risking getting sworn at, we can all sit around all day on nice peaceful ranks with no work.

Still, thisis nothing campared to when you threw all that change at a woman because she insisted on giving you the correct payment. You truly are a credit to the trade mate.

london_cabby said...

I generally never rise to the bait but guys like Bill really get me going. If you're a cabby Bill, and have been one as long as me, maybe even longer then there's no way you haven't had incidents in the cab that have made you lose your cool, absolutely no way Jose. An incident can occur from nothing whilst your having a great shift and a great night then someone says something that causes you to react. Maybe your a super cool dude and take everything in your stride, the passenger is always right and all that bollocks or maybe your just an out and out PUSSY!!! who wouldn't say boo to a goose either way your still a human being as am I and where 999 out of a 1000 times I'll just crack on there will be that odd occassion when I take exception this was one of them as was the change throwing incident almost 2 years ago. I've seen cabbies having punchups with their punters, major screamups at the roadside, plenty of effing and blinding by many a cabbie. We must all be bad cabbies then coz we're sick of being mugged off by all and sundry. You sound like one of them not one of us Bill. I despair.

3.1 said...

Reading through your blog, your mate Chris must have picked me up at least once on an Underground job. I go from North Greenwich to Northolt/Ruislip (via a cab change at Bond Street) every couple of weeks or so when I'm on dead late shifts and I'm usually the only pickup in both cabs. I got picked up by somebody one night in one of those new Mercs about a month ago – the guy had only had it less than week or something like that. All that space was pretty daunting (even though he told me those new cabs aren't much bigger than the TX ones), considering I'm only a little petite person.

I always try and help you guys out when I jump in as I've never had a bad trip (apart from the one, where I got locked in the cab for about 10 minutes whilst in the middle of Knightsbridge at the dead of night on my way home because he had to 'sort something out') – LUL give us a weekly circular and it usually has all the events listed for that week for things going on in London. Sometimes some guys who pick me up don't really know if there is or isn't anything going on, so it's always good to share and share alike.

I fully support the trade though – used a mini cab once when I was at school, regretted it and since then I've never used one again! Plus it really annoys me when they've got the cheek to be touting for work on my station! Thankfully, the BTP have started cracking down on that riff-raff!

All the best!

Bill said...

I know exactly what you are saying, mainly because I, and every other driver I have ever talked to has said the same. There is a difference though, between some of the shit every dabbie has to put up with once in a while (throwing up, people trying to get at you through the partition, getting in knowing they had no means of paying), and just being perturbed at stopping miles from their house so they can get you your money. Not criticising you for stopping there, but you (or any man come to think of it) should be able to put up a woman saying fuck at them. Especially if they are paying our fares (which stilla rent close to cheap, even though there arent many and the scabs are often worse)

Ive had my moments over the years, but always felt genuinely bad about them, and would never defend them with "well, we all lose our rag and throw women out on the street occasionally for saying fuck at us". As for the coin throwing thing, it doesnt matter how long ago that was, in all the years I have been a cab driver, or a person for that matter, I dont think I have ever been so arbitrary. If I ever was, I dont think I would tell another living soul about it though.

Throw all the people out your cab you want, but remember that each time you do, and rudely with it, you take jobs away from people that don't "lose their rag because they were having a good day". Any other job in the world you would be fired on the spot for talking to a customer like that.

If I threw a woman out every time I was sworn at, the missus would have her own room in the back garden.

london_cabby said...


I despair even more after reading your comment, I truly do.

london_cabby said...

Oh and while I'm at it Bill how boring would this blog be if I missed out all the juicy bits. You probably would've surfed on by.

Bill said...

Despair all you want, just stop turning business away from the trade.

Markee said...

If a passenger is polite I'm polite. If they moan and they might have a point I grovel.

However if they're rude to me without good cause then I consider I have the right to be as rude and sarcastic as I please and to ask them to leave my cab (although I don't normally swear).

I once picked up a Scots chap in Birdcage Walk once who asked for the "other side of Westmintser Bridge". There was an enormous tailback from Parliament Sq and I thought I could save time by doing a right into Storey's Gate for Victoria St. Jock in the back immediately accused me of trying to swindle him. I stopped the cab, ordered him out and when he was a safe distance away shouted at him to get back to the Gorbals.

Childish but it made me feel better and served him right.

Bill said...

Ha, Markee that actually made me laugh. There is a difference to me between that sort of thing and "completely losing it" at someone who, as far as I can tell from teh article managed to set you off with the phrases "For fuck sake" and "excuse me"

Chris Ex Cabby said...

Think Bill's got a point there LC, seems the trade needs all the customers it can get at the moment!

In my 9 (long) years I never had a 'scream up' with a passenger, had a few with other cab drivers though when they blatantly nicked my fare!

I always think that if you're rude and aggressive then you attract rude and aggressive people though maybe I was just lucky. Or maybe I'm a pussy!

Chris said...

Bill, made your point, now get on with your life, & Chris Ex Cabby "Say's it all" I agree with you. Your probably the latter.

I personally know Lc & have for many years. & believe me it takes a lot to get him to bite.I don't know iv ever met a more sincere and layed back Guy in my life. I'm sure if you all shone the spot light over your own lives' at some point or other,There would be times you, Like Bill said wouldn't care to mention. & then you probably wouldn't be going around with a sense of holier than thou.
But for the sake of being sincere Lc.for as long as iv known him has always told it as it is.I have said often to him he's probably a little too Candid. Hence his Anonymity on this Blog. If you trawled through his Blog looking for the positive aspects rather than the negative. Like the time he left the comfort of his home in Nw London to come to my aid in SE London at the drop of a hat.You might See things slightly differently. Or maybe there is some other underlying problem.I really don't know. But maybe you Bill. Or ex London cabby Chris Can do a blog that we can all read your edited versions of driving a London cab as seen through your Rose tinted Spectacles. GET A LIFE>

Chris Ex Cabby said...

I'm sure everything you say about LC is true Chris, I have no reasopn to think otherwise. But that doesn't alter the fact that in this instance he behaved inappropriately. The key word here in professionalism, that's what separates us from the minicabs. I'm sure lots of minicab drivers are nice blokes too who would help their mates out at the drop of a hat, but they're not, and never will be, professionals.

Bill said...

The girl said For fuck sake and excuse me at him and he "completely lost it as he does from time to time". Most laid back bloke you've ever met? Really?

That girl will probably never get in another black cab again, and the many people she tells that story to will probably think twice about it in future as well. Yet people still have the cheek to whinge about the lack of work out there. I'm not saying anything that Chris is anything other than a modern day saint who walks through fire to help his friends, and we have all done things like this (although probably not as unprovoked). Most people tend not to try and defend them though. If neither of you can see that what you did was wrong then I despair, I really do.

If everyone reported this type of thing and the PCO came down harder on drivers like you, then it would be funny to see how often you "Completely lose it as you do from time to time" then. I don't awnt to see any driver lose his badge and livelyhood, but it would be nice if people didn't throw people out the cab for taking umbridge at stopping miles from their home so they can get you your money.

Oh, and Chris, do you really think that not kicking that bird out of your cab would make someone a pussy?

Chris said...

Next Blog please

Chris said...

Oh and by the way Bill if you read what Lc actually said. "I drove away thinking my reaction had been a bit over the top" He nor I was defending his actions.So get your facts right. What i was defending was the character of the guy.You sound like a man living in fear. A big Victim going around looking for reasons as to why life doesnt treat you right. and pulling everyone up you feel is in someway responsible for your dilema. Or maybe I'm presuming from a few things you say Iv sussed you out and know what sort of person you are Pidgeon-Holing you. "Sound familiar. B'Lucky

Chris Ex Cabby said...

I think your reply to Bill there Chris speaks volumes. I understand that you want to stick up for your mate but the fact is,that in this instance, he behaved wrongly. There's no way that you can deny that.

I'm involved in Taxi Licensing and if one of my drivers did that they'd be called in for a 'chat' and given a warning letter. I would have to ask myself if they were a 'fit and proper' person!

Chris said...

HELLO Earth calling what did I say, So you run a minicab office Nuff Said. Great Blog Carl wonder how many comments a dull blog by Victor meldrew & Steve (interesting) Davis might muster.

Chris Ex Cabby said...

Just to clarify, I am the equivalent to a CO, though I don't work for the PCO.

Anonymous Posting Wanker said...

Look all you cabby's are "WANKERS"
cant get a real Job. dealing with the real public Try working on the frontline with joe public Viva la Minicab

Bill said...

Chris mate, you actually made me laugh twice there in one post. Brilliant.

The first one was: "YAWN................!Boring
Next Blog please"

Quickly followed by:
"Oh and by the way Bill....."

But my personal favourite was:
"You sound like a man living in fear. A big Victim going around looking for reasons as to why life doesnt treat you right. and pulling everyone up you feel is in someway responsible for your dilema"

Could well be mate, or, alternitavely it might just be that I disagreed with LC's actions and get annoyed when people like him wonder why "The game's dead"

"He nor I was defending his actions" also gets an honourable mention. You have both been defending it. Him via "every cabbie loses it when someone swears at him from time to time, and if you don't throw women out your cab that do then you are a pussy". You went for the "he's so laid back, he wouldn't hurt a fly. He picked me up from New Cross once" approach.

Anonymous said...

bill is a pussy & all you other mugs who think l.c is wrong are all nut bags who can wank me off while your mothers watch & cry like little bitches

Anonymous said...

bill is a bandit

Anonymous said...

I am a woman and if I swore at someone I wouldn't be suprised that they swore back.If you give it out expect it back.No wonder I can never get a cab when you are all on here talking bollocks.You are all like a bunch of old women.
Mrs LN, Suffolk

Anonymous said...

What we need is everyone to meet up for a big group hug! and the only post here that has made me laugh was from mrs LN.

london_cabby said...

Here Here LN, I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

too right it s probably because of people like bill, that cabbies have to put up with this poor attitude from the public,bill your a disgrace to yourself mate! you sound like youve sold your soul and your pride for the trade and the sake of money. if someone wants to be rude then it s only fair that your rude back whether she s paying you money or not it does nt give them the right to treat you like an asshole, good on you for having backbone lc, and good on you for chucking her out in the street,if every cabbie turns a blind eye to the way people treat them then these people are gonna carry on treating them this way.bottom line is having respect for yourself must come first not money there s no chance in hell that shes just gonna stop using cabs altoghether, society s full of rude and obnoxious people but it does nt mean we have to accept it to be that way, never stop trying to make the world a nicer place to live if we all done our bit(except bill of course!) we would have a nicer society and better standard of life!bet she s more careful about the way she talks to cabbies in future. keep up the great posts and tell it how it is,.knowledge boy

Anonymous said...

manners cost nothing.... well done mrs LN well said lol

Chris Ex Cabby said...

I can see you're going to be a credit to the Trade 'knowledge boy'. Even LC admitted that he had overeacted but that that was a rare occurence. If you're going to fly off the handle at everyone who slags you off, you're going to last 5 minutes out there!

Anonymous said...

how would you react then chris x cabby if i was in your cab and called you a useless cunt for getting us stuck in traffic? knowledge boy.

Chris said...

Bill New cross where did you get that one from who mentioned that. You are totally delusional must be the lines of Coke you spend your nights snorting no wonder your misses is pissed off with you & your such a victim. Get Help Mate.

And Knowledge Boy. Don't change a thing mate You'll make a great cabbie. We can go about our work being polite & helpful it don't mean we are doormats. Chris ex cabby I really wonder how long you drove a cab. & why you got out.? couldn't handle it I bet. Or maybe thought you were better than that.

Anonymous said...

well said chris, people like chris x cabby, and bill are not only doormats to their jobs but are doormats to life in general, as long as they sit back and accept taking shit from people as part of their lives they will always be victims of circumstance. treat people how you d like to be treated, and if they don t do the same to you then it s their problem.
Money is important but not as important as someone s self worth. don t matter if your a an mp, doctor, barman, dustman or tramp. we are all humans and are all equal. i will not talk down to anyone unless they truly deserve it, and someone doing his job the best he can does not deserve it. This women obviously had a bad day and thought that a cab driver would have to accept her attitude so that he could get his money at the end. Is this the lifestyle cabbies should accept chris x cabby and bill obviously think so. you may be a credit to the trade x cabby but your no credit to yourself.when all is said and done which is more important.

ps x cabby quoted "if one of my drivers! behaved that way id call them in for a chat and give them a warning! and would have to ask myself if they were a fit and proper person!" ha ha ! you really are an arse twitching numpty..knowledge boy.

Anonymous said...

As a cab driver working nights I make LC right to stop at the earliest cash point possible, after all the journey to Clapham from Euston is going to go £20 plus, depending on what tarrif LC was on at the time, and I for one would want to know that the punter has the cash at the earliest opportunity rather than being stiffed at the other end.
As for the row that followed we all lose our tempers at some time and regret it later, I bet there isn't a cab driver out there that hasn't reacted to something that a punter has said and then regreted it later,it can be the silliest thing that tips us over the top so lets not sit here judging LC as we were not in his position.
Great blog as usual LC keep up the good work.
Cheers,Del Boy. (

Bill said...

"Bill New cross where did you get that one from who mentioned that. You are totally delusional must be the lines of Coke you spend your nights snorting no wonder your misses is pissed off with you & your such a victim. Get Help Mate."

You said something in one of your posts earlier (Can't go back and trawl through all that crap you've wrote, I'm far too busy snorting coke, having a pissed off misses and being victimised lol) about picking you up in SE London at the drop of a hat. Or something

SkippyMom said...

I didn't realize this had become so contentious, but I do have to say one thing in defense of LC.

His actions, although not to other's liking, are not causing business to be turned away from the taxi industry - People take cabs because they have to take cabs- I think an appropriate analogy would be we all have to shop for groceries and although poor actions by a cashier may cause a customer to go to another shop, you can't avoid grocery shopping.

LC may have given a poor impression to this woman, who was incredibly rude FIRST and no one deserves that kind of abuse, job or not, but she has a choice not to use his cab company.

But I seriously doubt if she needs a cab, in the future, she is going to use public transpo instead just because LC was rude back. LC's action didn't cost the taxi industry [as a whole] business.

Quite a stretch imo.

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