Monday, May 26, 2008

Not A Happy Bunny

(Only True Leeds Fans Will Understand The Next Few Lines)
It was the first leg against Carlisle all over again. Freedman and Beckford were invisible. All those thousands of Leeds fans disappointed, no, gutted, distraught, crestfallen and probably even suicidal. That’s just Leeds United Football Club for you. The misery is unbearable and I don’t want to think about them any more until next season, it’s just too harrowing.

On a brighter note I almost accepted a pair of soiled panties as part payment for the fare tonight but then decided I needed the money more. I picked up a couple of thirty something women. Both had a skinful and they started trying it on with me from the word go. “would you do me?” said one of them in a broad Glasgow accent. If I’d been standing in a bar somewhere then maybe, no, definitely. But whilst at work and weary of these types of proposals I let her down gently by saying “my girlfriend wouldn’t like it”. They kept on and on and I got into the swing (once I’d got over my initial fright, shock, fear of fresh women) and the banter was fierce but it was never, ever gonna be more than that. When we arrived in Chiswick (yes even posh Chiswick has loose women residing there) the fare was £18 and the other one said “let’s call it a tenner and you can have the knickers I’ve got on” and started to lift her skirt up to remove them. I said “no thanks luv, I’d rather the money if you don’t mind” Then she said “why not, they’re clean” and I said “look, a jokes a joke but just pay me what’s on the meter OK?” They weren’t too pleased about being rejected and paid the fare and muttered some name under their breath. This sort of thing happens from time to time but to be honest I’d rather just have a boring shift.

Just paid my cab Friday. £800. That was painful. I also had the Xeta equipment removed as I wasn’t doing it justice and also the rent has just gone up to £19 per week. So it’s just me and the streets again until I feel the need to be part of a circuit again.
That’s all I can muster for now folks. More eventually………………..LC


mumof4 said...

My hubby was gutted with the result too. He watched it over here at the pub at 8am and they didn't even bring out the breakfasts until 9.30!

roy said...

I was really rooting for Leeds in the final not that I'm a fan but I'd love to see them back in the big time again , it's where they belong.
I can't even remember the name of the team that won it and couldn't be bothered checking!
Whoever they are they'll be back down again next season!

Anonymous said...

yeah been there. west ham fan so know how it feels mate.
be lucky.
Knowledge chris

Keith said...

Sexism certainly doesn't work both ways eh. If you had tried any of that stuff with a lady cabbie, you'd have been whisked off to the cop shop pronto. Whether you liked it or not, there's no excuse for nehviour like that is there.

Anonymous said...

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