Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Continuing Women Problems

I don’t know if it’s just me but I seem to have been experiencing more job related hassles than I’d care to wish on anyone. Since the last post I’ve had another bad credit card, my iPaq died on me and I also had a slagging match with another woman. Welcome to my world.

My immediate concern is to pay three weeks cab rent (yes, that old chestnut rears it’s head again) by tomorrow before it becomes four weeks on Monday. The letter all drivers at the garage we’re given a few weeks ago obviously hasn’t had the desired effect as we’re all still paying the rents as late as ever. I was at one particular garage in the 90’s where if you hadn’t paid by the due day, Monday, the owner would ridicule you in front of whoever was in the office at the time. This gave you two options. You either ridiculed him back and told him where he could shove his cab or you paid on time. It worked for me for a time but I eventually left there and went to my present garage where my piss-taking, unfortunately, knows no bounds.

The credit card problem followed the night after the one I had in my last post. This one was much shorter but the same problem arose where the PDA returned a rejection message to which I assumed (what do they say about assumption?) that the problem was at Xeta HQ. I let her walk away with 7.80 on the “hickory” and after speaking with someone at Xeta realised I wasn’t getting my money for this job. That’s definitely the last one I do for a while. I’ve refused three or four since.

My iPaq 5550, which operates my satnav and my AtoZ mapping software let me down this week. For those of you familiar with PDA’s, the screen, as it gets older, needs re-aligning with the tool provided. I’d already re-aligned the screen a few times in the last few months so it was obviously on its way out. It finally refused to realign so I had no option but to buy a new one off ebay. This arrived a few days ago and I’m back up and running now.

The Slagging Match
I was sitting on South Kensington rank messing about with the faulty PDA. I looked up and the front cab drove off empty leaving me with a drunk mess of a lady. She could barely speak she was that drunk. I’m not going to drag this one out but after three different destinations we ended up in Barnes. The meter showed £20.20. She only had £10. OK so we’ll drive to the nearest cashpoint and get the rest methinks. That’s all the money she had and wasn’t able to get anymore from anywhere. She had this like-it-or-lump-it attitude that finally started me off. Before I did I rang my daughter and told her what was about to happen. She put her phone on loudspeaker which added another half a dozen listeners as there was a gathering at my house for the recent Wrestlemania live screening.

Me: So, you haven’t got any money?
Her: Nope
Me: You’re rat-arsed right?
Her: Yep, I’m rat-arsed.
Me: So you can spend all your money on drink but when it comes to paying the cab driver it’s tough shit then is it?
Her: (silent)
Me: People like you make me sick. I’ve got kids to feed and bills to pay…
At this point she switched to hysterical mode and started screaming and ranting that she also had kids and that she worked 12 hours a day for little money blah blah blah.

Me: So why are you getting a cab if you can’t pay? I’m driving you to the police station.
More screams and hysterics and her mobile phone came flying through the partition.
Her: Take my fucking phone I don’t want it.
Me: I don’t fucking want it either (throwing it back at her).

We were both ranting at the top of our voices and the audience back at home were laughing their heads off. I knew I wasn’t going to get any more money out of her so told her to just get out. She remained sat there still ranting. Barnes is an extremely posh area and our shouts and screams were now beginning to alert the locals. Heads were appearing at windows and curtains were twitching. I got out and walked round to the kerb side, opened the door and told her to hop-it. As she got out she squared up to me. She must’ve weighed all of 7 stones, half my weight and only came up to my chin. I said something like “what, d’you think I’m gonna fight with you? Get yer arse home you stupid bitch” and got back in the cab and drove off. Again, more grief from yet another woman. Why is it only the women?

I finally made it to the cab garage on Friday. Again, nothing was said but it’s just as well I went, as I had to collect an appointment card for the annual tariff increase on Sunday. A tariff increase, to me, only means earning what I need that little bit quicker and getting back home to my creature comforts. I noticed the difference on the Sunday night when I did a run from Waterloo Station to Shepherds Bush. There was not a drop of traffic on the roads and the meter went up to £25.40, an increase of about 2 to 3 pounds.

I’ve just dropped my son off at college and have taken my cab through the wash at the garage in Willesden Lane. It’s gleaming at the moment, something it hasn’t been for a few weeks. All ready for tonights shift.
Check back soon


Just a bloke said...

Came across your blog from another and I've found it very interesting.

Been toying with doing the knowledge so it's interesting to see it from an old hands point of view. As for your T.V. habits check out Battalestar Galactica on Sky One, very cool! Keep lucky


Anonymous said...

hello cabby! really enjoying your blog! so much detail.places and people.i was a cycle messenger for 3 years-i think its similar.i am thinking of doing knowledge too.i really can relate to all you feelings at work.i have 1 favor:i know you work at nights mostly,but if you come across something to do with couriers-write it.would be interesting.good luck with your work-i'll keep reading it

Anonymous said...

I thought that the current meter increase only worked out to 2%, how comes you got 10%???

roy said...


I just write those off mate!
You're gonna drive yerself into an early grave!

london_cabby said...

Over longer trips my meter is definitely a few quid to the good.
Victoria to The Tower normally goes £13 on rate 3 but tonight it went £16.

Anonymous said...

I gave up stoppoing for women on their own at night many many moons ago. Life has become a lot easier since.

The vulnerable section of society? My arse, all you get is grief from silly drunk skint females.

Never again, and my takings have'nt been affected one iotta.

Be lucky, Terry.

Anonymous said...

your credit card problem, why dont you swipe the card before you start the journey, that way you konw from the off whether your getting paid or not.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Terry, biggest arseholes out there are drunk women, just no reasoning with them.

london_cabby said...

"your credit card problem, why dont you swipe the card before you start the journey"

The Xeta system's software only allows card processing at the journey's end hence all the problems.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mate, great blog. Whats happended to your mate Titanic's blog? has he stopped writing it? Regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate, great blog. Whats happended to your mate Titanic's blog? has he stopped writing it? Regards

HenvY said...

Perhaps you're not that kind of person but if I ever got a customer like that i'd drive 'em to some far off place and leaving to walk the 10 miles home. What a piss take.

Anonymous said...

think that might be called kidnapping! could get in trouble for that.

Anonymous said...

How d'you work that one out?

Anonymous said...

The Titanic has sunk!!

Dmitri said...

No kidnapping. If the person does not pay, just state that the drunk person let you knew it could not pay and you stopped emidiately. Why continue a journey? :)

Anonymous said...

great blog, I myself avoid drunk females at all costs , easier dealing with drunk males 100%...In fact all my moaning irate passengers have been women.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to above comment!

Nicey said...

I feel for you dude, keep your chin up and don't let em drag ya down

Paradise Driver said...

The 4th anniversary of this blog is coming up on the 23rd. Hope to hear from you again by then.

london_cabby said...

Wil, you guilted me into posting. LOL