Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Nose Revisited

It was still light as I passed under the Admiralty Arch this evening so I took the opportunity to photograph "The Nose". It really is a nose isn't it? I'd love to know the story behind it so if anyone knows more than the article in Wikipedia then please feel free to share. For best results click on each picture and magnify them.

Admiralty Arch Today

The Nose View 1

The Nose View 2

Work was pretty brisk tonight after a slow start. Once again my mate Chris had a blinder whilst I was a good 30 - 35% behind him. We stopped for a coffee at Marylebone Station around 10.30 to compare notes and then we both drove onto the rank and within minutes we both had jobs to (him) Swiss Cottage and Gospel Oak (me).

The entire evening was pretty uneventful except for when I picked up a scruffy young man from the bus stop in Rosebery Avenue. He asked to go to Putney and promptly nodded off. All the way there I was telling myself that I should've asked for money up front and was getting all worked up. I was convinced that I was about to get knocked (not paid) and I even rang Chris so that he could witness the knocking, albeit via the telephone. I decided to wake him by shouting at the top of my voice under the pre-text of asking him if he might need a cashpoint enroute. It took a few loud shouts to wake him and I then asked him if we needed to stop at a cashpoint. He said he was OK for money and the manner with which he said it put me a little more at ease. Once we arrived in his street he pulled out a wallet stuffed with every kind of note. He was about to offer me a fifty and then changed his mind for two twenties instead. The fare was £31.20 and that's all I got but I was happy to get paid at all. All I can say is never judge a book by it's cover.......but we do don't we?

My last job took me out to Richmond and then I made my way home via a Tesco Express to buy a few bits for the kids.

Well it's now September the first and I go away on the tenth so only nine days to go and I've got a hell of a lot to do before then.

Check back soon.


John said...

That Nose is weird, I don't know of any strange things like that in Dublin.
You Brits are strange it is not an accident that the Eurostar comes in at Waterloo. Rub it in!
Enjoy the hols.

cablag said...

Bad builders from the "long good friday


Anonymous said...

what about the nose in great windmill st?

BELLA said...

I can't wait to go and check out that nose for myself!
What about the one in Windmill st, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

head west on shaftsbury ave turn left into gt windmill st halfway along st on left about 4ft up light coloured wall a nose protudes.
there is a third nose?

Anonymous said...

Found the Admiralty Arch stone nose a while ago. Found the hidden stone nose on Great Windmill Street yesterday. Would love to know where more noses are hidden and why they are there? Any ideas??