Thursday, February 15, 2007

Marching On Together

Lots to write about but not a lot related to cab driving. I’ll see what I can rustle up as I write this.

I went up to Leeds on Saturday to watch my team beat Crystal Palace 2-1. It’s always a day I enjoy as I consider Leeds to be my spiritual home. If I had no responsibilities I would happily settle up there and watch my team play at home and away but alas my work keeps me in London for the foreseeable future so I can only dream. In fact me and my son enjoyed it so much that we’re going again this Tuesday to watch us beat QPR.

The home of football

The website has seen me get hooked on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation during these last few weeks. I always knew I would like it and had been meaning to get the series on DVD but now I can watch it on my PC. That website is gonna ruin me.

Mickey, our resident mouse, is still on the loose. I managed to swat it with the broom a few days ago but it still managed to run to his hole but I haven’t seen him since. Maybe I damaged him and he’s died and is rotting away in my cavity wall as I write this.

I got a call from one of my brother in laws earlier. He’s off work due to a hernia op and is in his words “on the floor (pennyless)” because of it. He has a PDA similar to mine with sat nav and a digital A to Z of London. Whilst he’s been off sick the battery has discharged and he has lost all his data. Why do PDA’s do this? Anyway, he wanted to know if I can restore his data or reinstall the satnav and map. I was pleased to inform him I could.

My Dad was 67 yesterday (CORRECTION, He was 76, TYPING ERROR) and we all went up to the house to celebrate it with him. My sister baked him a cake and decorated it with an edible photo of my Dad with a few of us when we were young. That’s me sitting in his lap.

I had to change a tyre recently as it was bald. When I removed the wheel I cut all my hand open on the wires that had become exposed. I guess I’m lucky that the tyre never burst on the motorway at 70mph, then I would have been in trouble. I have to go to the garage tomorrow to part with another wad of cash. I haven’t paid the cab for three weeks so I think they must be anxious for the rent although to this day they’ve never rung me to make sure I haven’t died or something.

Tonight was Valentines Night and all the couples were out in force. The floor of the cab was full of rose petals by the end of the shift. Most couples were all loved up but one guy said something that earned him a slap round the back of the head from his other half and I couldn’t help laughing. The Brit Awards were also on tonight at Earls Court. The traffic was murder but there was plenty of work.

Some of you may know the song “It’s The Final Countdown” by the group Europe. Well my mate picked them up from the Abbey Road Studios today and took them to the Shepherd’s Bush Theatre where they were doing a gig tonight. He took a photo of two of them with his phone but it’s a multi-media photo and I can’t get it off the phone to show you so you’ll have to take my word for it.
EDIT: I managed to separate the pic
The one on the right is lead singer Joey Tempest and the other is Keyboard player Mic Michaeli.

You know, my job entails driving around, picking people up, and dropping them off. If anything blogworthy happens you get to read it but since the last post nothing out of the ordinary has happened so I’m sorry if this is a lame post. I’m gonna start taking notes again to keep a record but that’s all for now folks.


wil said...

I’m gonna start taking notes again to keep a record

I do that, too.

wozza said...

If you are looking to download shows to your PC I would recommend It has a huge number of UK and US shows both current and past. I live in Japan and between that site an UKnova (a bugger to get registered with as they have a limited number of accounts and it is 1 out 1 in) I get to keep up with all of my UK soaps and TV shows as well as watch most of the big name American stuff. Definitely worth a look

steveg said...

Marching with you mate - do you think we will get out of jail this season, or will we (gulp) go down?

I have a PDA phone and I use a product called Sprite backup - worth every penny - it write a self inflating file to the memory card which when the unit power is out, can have the thing up and running with all installed software etc in a couple of minutes - worth the money (less than £20) for it


london_cabby said...

a win followed by a loss doesn't inspire confidence week after week but as long as we clear the third from bottm by a point, or even goal difference, i'll take that. Cardiff will be tough but if we win then QPR will be a doddle! (famous last words)
I'll look into that sprite program. Cheers. LC

Loui said...

Yep take notes so you don't forget! I have to do that anyway to remember where I put stuff and what I need to do. Don't you just love getting old!

J x

jo said...


I thought Dad was 76!! Although I am sure he would love to be that age again - I would love to be 10 years younger, but I don't think I would like to live the last 10 years over again.

Bye xx

John said...

Ireland beating England by 30 points!
Dublin is rocking tonight.

ang said...

if that's you in dad's lap and there are 4 kids in the pic - who's the other one? - it should have been me!!

Anonymous said...

I think im addicted to your site, i have checked it about twenty times in the last 2 days.

maybe i should get an rss feed or start doing some work!

great site, much better than the NY cabbies.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic of Joey and Mic!

They are really great musicians

Millan said...

I am going to see Joey and Mic (and the rest of the gang)

They are great!!!

Nalen, Stockholm 26th january!!!


Anonymous said...

It would be a big surprise find some members of Europe in the street. Maybe the taxidriver who takes them could tell us something else about his experience. There´s a lot of fans with interest about it. There is a spanish forum where you can see it.

Makaila said...

Thanks for writing this.

M|OT said...

I remember that game, but for reasons of drunken stupidity afterwards as opposed to world class football during!

Marching on together!

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