Thursday, November 16, 2006

Losers, Nice Girls and Horrible People

My daughter recently got set upon by four girls whilst traveling home from school on the bus. They asked her for her phone but she’s learnt from the last time this happened and told them she had been “jacked” by someone else recently. They said a few nasty things to her and generally terrorized her all in plain view of other passengers who sat idly by and did nothing to help. As she went to get off the bus the four girls got off at the same stop. My daughter stepped back on the bus and went a few stops ahead where she then got off and rang me in tears to come and pick her up. Luckily I was nearby and not miles away as would normally be the case. As a result I now have to take her in to school every morning as she’s scared she might see the girls again. It a pain in the arse as it disrupts my sleep and the Harrow Road has road works on it at the moment which has caused severe traffic problems all week but I’d hate for her to get jumped because I couldn’t be bothered. I also have to watch out for her in the evenings but that only involves watching her get off the bus across the road from our house. There's some horrible people out there.

My cab rent is always due on a Monday but rarely gets paid on that day. Lately I have taken to paying two weeks at a time and use the Friday Saturday and Sunday of the second week to get the £360 together. Last weekend my front brakes started scraping and grinding and I knew I wouldn’t get through the weekend. Rather than not use the cab and lose those days because my garage was closed until Monday I decided to change the brake pads my self. I rang my brother in law to see if he had the pads I needed and he did. I would normally leave a job like that to him but I thought it was about time I attempted stuff like that my self. I met him in town and got the brake pads from him and drove straight back home. I’m not geared up for major mechanical work but I only needed the jack, the wheel brace and a screwdriver and had the brakes changed in under 30 minutes. I was quite chuffed with myself for having done this for the first time on a cab and took the cab out for a road test just to make sure. They worked perfectly and bought me more time to earn the two weeks cab money I need for this coming Monday.

As I was driving along Fortess Road in Kentish Town the other night a cabby coming the other way signaled me to slow down. He told me that there were a bunch of losers on my side of the road and two nice girls on the opposite side. I thanked him and cast my eyes back on the road ahead. A hundred yards ahead I could see a bunch of guys jumping up and down and waiving at me frantically on the left and the two nice girls frantically waiving at me on the right. It’s a funny thing how one person’s interpretation can be seen in a completely different way by someone else. As I neared the “three losers” my instinct told me that they weren’t losers at all and just three guys who wanted a cab. I decided to stop for them much to the chagrin of the two nice girls. As I pulled up level with them I could see that one of them was none other than Gary Crowley a well known BBC Radio and TV presenter. The other two looked like “somebodies” but I couldn’t place them. They’d just been to see Paul Weller in concert at the Forum in Highgate Road. Crowley asked me if I liked Paul Weller and I had to admit to knowing a couple of his songs but was no great fan. They were going to Soho Square so I concentrated on getting them there safely whilst they got up to all sorts of antics in the back. The final few streets on the approach to Soho Square have long term road works installed but any cabby worth his salt should know how to navigate around them. That’s exactly what I did and this brought a complimentary comment from Crowley. “Cabbie, you are “the business” mate, I’d have gone all round the houses” They all got out and shook my hand in turn and gave me 30% on top of the fare. Not bad for three “losers”.

I was clicking away with my camera phone yesterday when I bumped into the car I was photographing. If you’re going to bump into a car it may as well be the best!! The driver didn’t even get out. Probably thought it was a car jacking or something! Well it could happen!!



Nicholarse said...

Great blog. My girlfriend put me on to it. One of the best I've read for a while.


Anonymous said...

Can you drop me a line about your blog. I work for the High & High newspaper and wouldn't mind having a chat with you.
my number is 0207 433 6219 or email is

hope to speak to you soon.


Loui said...

You have most certainly had a bit of a week!! I am sorry to hear about your daughter but thankfully she wasn't hurt.

I once spent a very nice day at Royal Ascot and then at Langans with Gary Crowley. It was odd as there were 4 of who had gone to Ascot and had a really good day. He was there everywhere we went, then oddly enough on the same train as us and then at Langans. How bizarre is that....and he got us all a drink in Langans too!
I agree, a real nice guy!
Jackie xx

Loui said...

Oh and I know the Forum well....from my mispent youth! I drive past it often now and smile when I see the crowds trying to get in there and wish it was me again!

J xx

John said...

Shunting a Roller and getting away with it,nice one! Bullying is an awful problem, suppose we should have Conductors back on the buses..But anti social is such a problem that i honestly believe that flogging should be brought back. Think of the monwy saved, not to mention the time saved. There would be very few second offenders.

jo said...

Oh, my God - poor Katie!! You should really tell the police - I know they can't/won't do much,but at least then they are aware of a group terrorising other kids. I would love to know who these girls are?? Anti-bullying is a big thing at the moment, so you might actually get some help.

Give her my love and a big hug from her Auntie xx

Loui said...

For your's anti bullying week next week!


STAG said...

Hmmm. There are some things you don't do, and one of them is you DON'T LEND YOUR PHONE. I once came on a breakdown, and loaned my cell phone to the guy to call a garage. He did, made the call, put my phone in his pocket and drove off. Glad I didn't have his nerve in my tooth...

Clever of her to jump back on the bus though. I don't know that I would have been as smart as that.

Keith said...

Could have been better... It could have been Alan Sugar's Rolls.