Monday, October 16, 2006

Best night ever

And there was I all happy and stuff because my son started work last week. Three days later he quit, all because his boss was an A1 prick. From the first moment Michael entered the garage his boss was angry. He never cheered up once. The second day proved to be the best as they shared a bit of banter but by Wednesday he was hurling full scale abuse and insults at my poor boy who is simply not used to being treated that way. He rang me in tears of rage for advice during his lunch break. I told him to go have it out with the crazy man. He texted to say it was all sorted but within and hour he was back on the phone saying he was at it again, worse than ever. I told him to get his tool box and wait for me outside the garage. At that point I trapped a job to Heathrow (my first in ages) and the traffic was solid all the way there. He had to wait an hour and a half for me outside that garage. The boss and his daughter, who was also nasty to him, walked past a few times and never spoke a word to him. It was probably for the best. It baffles me as to why they hired him at all.

I had my best day ever yesterday. Over the last week I’d had a few days off and had failed to check my diary to see what bills were due. I suddenly realized that pot-loads of money needed to be earned to meet payments today. I started at around midday on Sunday. Traffic was light and there was plenty of work at all the stations. Within a couple of hours I had already made my first hundred and it was at this point that I went home to feed the hoard. Some of us had steak pie and chips and the others had pork chops and chips. I watched the Newcastle Bolton game on TV and was feeling extremely tired but knowing if I went upstairs for a lie-down it would be fatal I got up and went straight out to work. It was still mega-busy out there. One in, one out everywhere. By midnight I was £10 short of £300 and was making my way home when four lovely ladies flagged me down on Tower Bridge and asked me if I fancied a long ride out into “the sticks”. I was really tired by this time but knew this ride would really help the cause. They asked for an approximate price to Hatton, Datchet and finally to Langley. After a quick bit of mental calculation I came up with a price of “at least £80”. They seemed ok with that and all piled in. Can somebody please tell me what it is that makes women able to talk incessantly for hours on end? These women never stopped. In the end all the sounds sort of merged and sounded like hens in a coup. The one to Hatton got out first and the noise level dropped a tad. As I dropped another off in Datchet the meter was already above £80 and an uncomfortable silence set in. I started preparing an answer for the inevitable question, the question of why it was more than the price I’d quoted. Although the meter decides what the final price will be some people like to know more or less before the journey starts. I can sometimes quote them to the penny or in the case of longer jobs out to the suburbs I can get it terribly wrong. They never asked me why but the atmosphere was tense. As I dropped of the final two in Langley the meter clicked up to £107. There was a bit of silent debate in the back whilst the money was being found but finally it was all handed over and they got out without saying a thank you or goodnight. Was I bothered?

Total for the night was £397 and the best night’s work I’ve ever done in all my seventeen years behind the wheel.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great night mate. On average how much do u have to spend on petrol per day to keep the taxi running.

Anonymous said...

Hi London Cabby,

Congratulations on the fruits of your labor through a hard day's night!!! Well done!!!!

I also want to salute your son on his courage to quit a bad job. I have been in hostile work environments where miserable people want to pull you down into their pit rather than get themselves out. I never had the courage to quit. I just kept plugging along and wondered what else was out there somewhere. Your son's honorable actions speak highly of you and how you've brought him up.

I hope he finds the job of his dreams soon. Good luck.


london_cabby said...

£20 diesel generally sees me through the shift but it can sometimes stretcth to £40 if I have to put more in to do a few extra hours.

I'll pass your kind words on to Michael who at present is catching some ZZzz's before another day of job hunting.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't help wondering how many other trainees they'd been through before Mike came along? Quite a few I bet.

Cya 2nite


jo said...

About time you had a bit of real good luck. Sorry about Mike though - I'm sure he will find something soon, he is a lovely boy and a big softies.

Soggy kisses from his Auntie. Jo xx

Jackie said...

Whooo hoooo! Big time Charlie Potatoes now...I hope you did keep infront afterall. You can have my bills too if you like! You son did the right thing. Why do employers think they can treat youngsters (or anyone!) like dirt?! It's just not on. Tell him something will come along when he is least expecting it.
Us girlies like to have a good old natter. My hubby can't understand how I can sit for an hour on the phone to a friend and then go meet her for lunch and natter for another 3 hours!

J x

Doc said...

did the ladies at least give you a good tip, or did they think the meter was good enough, since it was higher than expected?

Sorry to hear about your son's job....I've been in that spot many times, and it's amazing how many jerky people are in charge all over the world!!!!

Keith said...

Sorry to hear about the lads job, but he does have a nice big pair of boots to show for it.

I'm sure you'll agree, as we get older, we can deal with arseholes a bit easier than when you are in your teens.

ALl he needs to remember from this experience is that the world is FULL of tossers full of their own importance.

Anonymous said...

Hey London Cabby,

You seem like a really nice guy. I was wondering if your son thinks working is easier or harder than job hunting? Neither is a piece of cake but if they have temp agencies over there, where you are, in the UK, it may be a way for Michael to get his foot in the door. Good luck.



london_cabby said...

Hi Claire
I am a terribly nice guy, so good of you to notice.

I think Mike would agree that it's much harder to find a job than to actually do it but a lot also depends on the kind of boss one ends up with.

The ladies rounded the fare up to the nearest pound but I was more than happy with that.

We do have agencies over here and infact that was to be the next step in the search for a job.

dublin taxi said...

Look Mike must have had a cross between Jocks garage and American Chopper for a boss. Good on him for walking. I have had shitarses try something like that at night when it is busy. I do a u turn and land them back at the rank where they came from.. only at the back of the queue..A lesson in manners!. And all for free. The punters at the rank won't let them hit you, they often oblige in removing them from the cab...Oh happy days. What goes around comes around

Sensei said...

Sweet piece of driving there dude! If only every shift could be like that...

I'm sorry to hear that your lad got himself such a f*ckwit of a boss. Regardless of how much you want a job or training, there's no reason to put up with that sort of abuse. Muchos kudos to him getting out when he did!

Doc said...

...where are you?!?!?!? Are you OK?

Jackie said...

Well said doc, I was wondering that too!