Sunday, September 17, 2006

My week off.

Here is a brief account of my week in Spain for those of you remotely interested. Cab related blogging will probably resume in the second part of next week when there’s something to write about.

I set off for Luton Airport to the north of London with my Mum at 2am on Saturday the 9th of September. My brother in law Tim drove us in his souped up Citroen and we arrived in good time. The EasyJet flight to Alicante in Southern Spain took off on time at 5.30am and was uneventful and picturesque.

The Plane

The sun was rising through the clouds and I took a few shots with my camera phone, which should have been switched off at this point.

Sun in clouds

Sun bursting through

Being extremely early in the morning everyone else decided to catch up on some ZZzzz’s while I sat and listened to my son’s iPod, which I had loaded with about 1200 songs.

Copping ZZzz's

When we arrived in Alicante I left my Mum to get the cases whilst I ran off to get my rental car before the rush started. I rented a Ford Focus, which they had upgraded to an Estate (station wagon). It proved extremely handy, as we had to pick up a lot of stuff from one of my sisters’ places in Torrevieja. Over the next few days I just spent the time lazing about eating some fantastic food and drinking loads of San Miguel beer and a rum concoction that my Uncle specialises in.

Essential supplies

One of many great dishes. This one's Paella Valenciana.

I did quite a bit of driving around (not under the influence), as we had to visit two different places 150 miles apart. One of my other sisters arrived with her husband and kids from her home in Mallorca and we all spent four days together eating, drinking and being merry. The whole object of the week away was to completely disconnect from cab driving and to chill out. I think I achieved that quite well but am glad to be home. The homeward journey was a bit more eventful with a delay of an hour in Spain followed by an hour’s wait at Luton Airport for our baggage to be brought from the aircraft. My brother John was there to collect us and after spending an hour at my parents house sorting out the luggage I drove my sons car home and was in bed by 3.30am. I was awoken a few times in the night by the phone. It was my kids who are still in San Diego until Monday checking to see if I had arrived home safely. All in all, a good week off. I collect my cab on Monday and it all starts again.


jo said...

Alright LC - I am so glad you had a good time - I just read Angie's blog - I am so jealous!!

Looking forward to your new postings though.

Love big sis xx

Cheffe said...

Good to hear that you had a nice time and even enjoyed driving on the wrong side.

wil said...

I am jealous. I need a vacation (holiday) so bad. Can't afford it until next June.

Looking forward to new stories.

ang said...

And a wonderful time was had by al..hahaha!
Lovely to see ya big bruv!

Anonymous said...


Crabbie said...

These are so key, I just took one myself.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's ever called my car souped up before. Thanks Big Boy.

John said...

Thought I would try a blog myself..Take a look see It will take me a while to learn how to put pictures up etc.
Will stay in touch.

James said...

You might have seen me in the Arrivals lounge around that time. I was the scruffy-looking bloke in the Pink Floyd t-shirt who looked like he was sleeping rough there (and was; it's a long story!).