Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas Day

Christmas Day went well. There was far too much food as usual and I've had to throw away lots of stuff that won't get eaten. For Boxing Day me and the kids went up to my parents house when the whole clan gathers every year. There was around 26 of us there this year.
I went to work on Monday and did really well but Tuesday turned out to be a damp squib. I blew it out completely tonight and am just pottering around at the moment. Just watched Phil "The Power" Taylor trounce Alex Roy at darts and it's inspired me to come up to the loft to throw a few arrows, but Phil Taylor I ain't!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Last few days

I've been busy or just couldn't be arsed to update the blog these last few weeks. The work has been plentiful and I've been here there and everywhere. Sunnighill, Camberly, Slough, Princes Risborough, Selsdon, you name it I've done it. The weird thing about doing all those jobs has been the lack of losers out there. I did expect to have been upset by someone at some point but they have all been really nice people.
Any way there's only a couple of days left to earn my Christmas money. I always leave it till the last knockings to buy the presents and the food. This year I'm having Mick, Jan, Dean, Dianne, Mitchell and Stacey over to Christmas dinner. Everyone making something so as to spread the work between us. In all honesty I'm probably the worlds biggest Humbug. I completely hate Christmas and the New Year and love it when January 2nd comes along to signal the end of all the bullshit. But for all you non-humbugs out there:Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2005.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Cheques cleared

Well now, the cheque has cleared so I can finally put that one to bed. I thought I was going to get knocked again last night as this guy seemed to be a bit of a headcase. He waited till we were almost at his destination before telling me he needed a cash point and we had to back-track a mile to the nearest one. Surprise surprise it wasn't working. He started cursing and screaming to himself and apologising profusely to me. We ended up driving past his front door and another mile further on (I was at Stoke Newington) when he finally found one, got his cash out, paid me off and gave me £4 tip and opted to walk back home. Strange man!!
No work today!!! I've just taken "Dude" for his final injection at the vets. I couldn't believe it when they only asked me for £1.68. I'd already paid for the three injections in advanced but the vet had to worm him and check him all over but then again they have had £150 from me for the two previous visits.
It's my oldest sisters 45th birthday today and we're going for a meal to some Chinese gaff in West London hence no work today.
It'll still be there for me tomorrow though.