Wednesday, September 06, 2006

C * * *

The last post was entitled "Losing Control" because during the course of one of my shifts I lost control after picking up one too many.....c * * * s.
I don't know why I'm censoring myself because that's the way I speak. I'm not trying to impress or shock anybody by using that word I'm just committing my thoughts to type. As far as I know the "C" word is widely used in working class Britain (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), the Republic of Ireland and from what I've read on the KuntryKabby blog Australia and probably New Zealand too. What's all the fuss about? How much worse can that word be than for example, a word used day in day out in America, "Motherfucker". That word has to be more disrespectful than any other word around yet it's used frequently on just about every adult TV show that comes out of the USA. Any way I'm not going to dwell on it so if the situation requires that I use that word then expect to see it crop up from time to time. We're a long time dead.

Talking of death I must just mention my sadness and disbelief at the death of Aussie naturalist Steve Irwin. There was a man so full of life and love for the planet that it's hard to believe he's gone forever at the age of 44 the same age as me. I'm sure he probably used the "C" word a few times off camera, especially after being bitten by a snake. R.I.P. Steve, you'll be sorely missed by millions.

Steve Irwin R.I.P

I have my funds for my holiday and have just been taking it easy the last few days. £50 here and £100 there. Today I did a few hours during the day and was extremely busy for the short time I was out. Only nice people during the day. I knocked off early to buy myself a case and to watch another England game. This time we beat Macedonia 1-0.

Tomorrow will be my last shift before returning my cab to the garage until my return. From the cab garage I will have to take a cab home. I always over tip when I take cabs. I overtip everyone for that matter is that good or bad? I don't know. I let an old lady off the fare today. £5.60. Not a big amount but it probably was to her.

Any way folks I 'm just rambling now so I'll say farewell and hopefully I will return from Spain invigorated and raring to go and be nice to my passengers, even the ones that get sick in my cab and don't pay me!!


Anonymous said...

Overtipping is never bad, unless the person servicing you was *purposefully* being a c*** or a dou*hebag. As you well may know, most people are rather cheeky and presumptuous customers. So much so that after daily abuse your patience, among other things start to wear thin (faith in humanity). Considering that, showing a bit of courtesy as well as tipping more then expected can do more then create joy joy feelings; it can make people actually think and even possibly inspire them to be more generous. I know some customers that more then inspired me to be not only a good tipper, but a overall more generous person.

Anonymous said...

enjoy your holiday mate

RIP Steve Irwin

Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

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Crabbie said...

I say cunt it up, my comment about it being about the worst word one can use in the U.S. was intended to be informative rather than critical. It's just an instance of cultural difference.

Capricorn Cringe said...

Say whatever you want - this is your blog (and I happen to like it a lot). If people are upset by your choice of words, then they can either get over it or stop reading.

In the US, it's used primarily to describe women when saying "bitch" simply won't do lol

jo said...

My, my what a lot of fuss over such a little word and usually quite a small part of one's anatomy!!

Have a great holiday little bro'.

Love big sis xx

Unknown said...

Here's to the holiday!

Anonymous said...

The purpose of using obcenities is to shock not only the listener but the person saying them as well. Once these things no longer happen there is not much point in using them. At one time saying 'By Jove' was thought to be shocking, today who uses it or has even heard of it?
The c*** word is becoming more popular because the f*** word is losing it's sting. Once they have gone the same way as 'By Jove' we shall have to invent new words to give ourselves verbal kicks.